Ice and Fire

Chapter 279 The Fish Got Hooked (Part Two)

How about Stephen? Was he reliable? Could she trust him? Since he said that only John could be trusted, did that mean that he was actually untrustworthy? Did he conceal something from her? Or did he knew everything all along but he didn't dare to speak it out to her?

Cherry knew better than anyone in her heart that Jackson was the answer of the whole riddle. Everything happened because of Jackson, and everyone was scared by him. They all listened to him and did anything that Jackson ordered or required. No one dared to say no to him, and no one dared to speak their thoughts out. But why could Jackson frighten so many people all at once? Wasn't there anyone who could talk to him like his equal?

Cherry then heard the door open, and after she turned around, she saw Jackson come in.

"Have you finished helping Joe with homework?" asked Jackson, while walking closer to Cherry.

"Yes. Has Grandpa gone to bed yet?" asked Cherry.

"Yes." Jackson then stood in front of Cherry, and as he held her in his arms, he said in a tender voice,"Are you tired? How about we go to bed and rest now?"

"I'll take a bath first and then go to sleep," answered Cherry.

"Okay, then I'll go to read a book in the study. Go to bed if you're sleepy," said Jackson.

After he saw Cherry walk into the bathroom, Jackson went to his study.

Actually, Jackson didn't read a book in the study, and instead talked with Derek over the phone.

Derek's voice sounded clear in Jackson's ears though the speaker. "Jackson, your nephew's party is set at 8 p.m. the day after tomorrow," he said.

Jackson thought that John, as the Governor of the city, must have made some arrangements for the party. He knew that all of the elites from the business, political, and military circles would participate, especially the ones from the business circle, and he guessed that perhaps more than half of the attendees would be businessmen.

We'll arrive there before 8 p.m; it's not necessary to get there too early,"

replied,"Okay. Jackson, you told me to handle the bank business; whose name should

of hesitation. Cherry was the only person that he

of a reason as to why

most important," said Jackson firmly. Although he also

"Okay," replied Derek.

asked,"Has the butler's bank

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ask,"Have you finished handling all

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strange feeling about this party. Something

voice also sounded a little nervous, and said,"Jackson, Mond will certainly appear

him, I'm afraid that something unexpected will happen." After a while, Jackson continued to

you afraid that Cherry would

will also show up. Wherever Mond is, disaster

and some people have to be faced if they have to, but Jackson, if

Jackson had no

things in front of him in a daze. He knew that all the things that were happening now were the consequences of past events,

how long he had stayed in the study, but when he returned to the room, he saw that Cherry had already fallen asleep. Jackson changed into his pajamas and

Jackson's arms, and in a gentle voice,

he kissed her on her forehead and then also closed his eyes

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