Ice and Fire

Chapter 280 The Fish Got Hooked (Part Three)

Joe looked at his Mommy, and said,"No, I don't want Daddy to know that I've discovered that he sent someone to follow me. Can you keep that secret for me? This is a secret between you and me. Mommy, you must keep the secret between us, okay?"

Looking at her son's innocent eyes and hearing his pleading voice, Cherry agreed, although she still had no idea about why Joe had asked that.

"Okay, I will keep the secret for you," said Cherry. She thought that it wasn't a big deal. Since Jackson had sent someone to track their son covertly, perhaps he also didn't want Joe to know about it. If their son pretended not to know, then nothing bad could happen.

"Thank you, Mommy!" happily said Joe. If his Daddy didn't know about it, then the two guards would be okay, and he could see Jean frequently without any sort of problem. 'Perhaps things will finally soon clear up!' he thought.

Cherry smiled at him without saying another word.

After she drove her son to the school gate, she drove straight to the company.

Inside the JS Group, the moment Cherry walked into the office, she received an internal call.

She politely answered the phone,"Hello!"

Selina's voice immediately sounded from the other side of the line,"Cherry, it's me!"

"Selina?" said Cherry in a surprised tone.

my office now, I have something to tell you," said Selina

be there soon!" said Cherry, and after she hung up the phone, she walked out of her own office

office, Cherry found that

what's up?" asked Cherry while standing in

Selina, and immediately after that

while she took the file

to do, so I need you to talk with this client and

this client newly

client. You must seize the opportunity," replied

in detail later," said Cherry, as she closed the file folder and

may not come back to company today and neither tomorrow. Call me

was a little surprised, and wondered where Selina was headed to.She bluntly asked her,"Selina, where

Cherry would ask that, and her anxious expression showed that she had something important to

have to accompany them around it. We will have a party tomorrow evening, but I will be back to

afar. It was very reasonable for her to do so because she had stayed abroad for so many years.

with your friends, I'll take good care of the company," said Cherry, with a big smile

later, but you can sign them on my behalf if there's no problem with them. Regarding the more important and serious affairs, call me!" said Selina. Every time they talked about work

that I can handle

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