Ice and Fire

Chapter 284 Get Out Of My Villa (Part One)

In the morning, Cherry got a call from Selina while she was working in her office.

"Hi, Selina!" said Cherry.

"Cherry, are you in the company?" asked Selina over the phone.

"Yes, I'm in the office, " said Cherry. She knew that Selina hadn't come to work yet.

"Okay, go home earlier this afternoon to prepare for the party tonight, " said Selina.

"Okay, I understand! I'll go home earlier right after I finish work around here, " said Cherry.

Cherry thought more about the party after she finished talking to Selina and hung up the phone. She was somehow nervous to accompany Jackson to attend it, and she had no idea how many people they would meet there and how she would greet all of those strangers. Besides, she hated the glances the rich ladies threw at her. She had also hated these kind of events, but she had no choice but to attend the party tonight.

In the afternoon, when Cherry returned home, she found that she was home alone. Jackson hadn't arrived yet, and Andrew and the Butler had gone out for a walk together.

she wanted to wear

sat there for a while, and after she started to get bored of so much waiting, she decided to

Jackson had read all of those books, and although she wanted to read something herself, she wasn't interested in those

casually browsed through a few books, and after she got bored again, she


up the piece of paper and looked at it. Her

The paper had already turned yellow and was crumbled with traces because of its age,

which Cherry knew about.

finally looked at the most interesting item, the receiver. Although she didn't know the receiver personally, she had already heard his

Both Jackson and Andrew knew Mond, and the ZM Group was surely targeting the JS Group. That meant that Jackson knew everything,

suddenly smiled helplessly. They had slept in the same bed every day as a couple, and she had felt his close breath near her every day, but he was still unwilling to tell her anything

bill back to where she found it and then put the book in its original position. After she composed herself, she then walked out

Cherry was halfway down the stairs, she saw Andrew sitting in the living room with the

surprised, "Cherry, why are you home

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