Ice and Fire

Chapter 286 Get Out Of My Villa (Part Three)

Jackson didn't say a word.

After a long time, Derek said to Jackson, "Jackson, let's go now, it's time for us to go back home. Selina and Cherry should be waiting for us already, and we might be late for the party if we arrive home late."

"Let's go, " said Jackson, as he stood up from his seat and left the office.

Derek then followed Jackson in his trail.

In his quiet and luxurious villa, Mond was sitting on the sofa, while Jean and Sally were sitting opposite to him.

Jean was very happy. She was going to the party dressed in a gorgeous dress, and she was also excited that she would meet many people from the upper class of the city and talk to them. She thought that she would feel very noble.

Sally looked at Jean, who was sitting beside her and always smiling, and said with disdain, "Isn't it so exciting to meet your ex-husband?"

Hearing her words, Jean looked at Sally with hateful eyes, and said, "Hey, I don't want to see John tonight! I'll be at Mond's side tonight as his female companion, but how about you? Are you really going to go with Stephen?"

Jean asked sarcastically. In her eyes, Mond was in the same position as Jackson was, and Stephen's status was equal with John's. Stephen was nothing, and he still had to obey Mond's orders, but Mond was different, because he was the master of the whole hegemonic party.

and said, "You're just Mond's escort, not his woman. You're

there? Mond has been providing me for so many years, and I'm already

that you're so expensive? Don't you know how cheap you really are?" said

if I'm cheap, I still have a man, unlike you, who is


got scared and stepped a few

harshly shouted,

do you think you are?

you have the opportunity, kill Jackson. He wanted to humiliate you to death when he sent you to that place. Don't tell me that you're still unwilling to

Mond was right with what he said that she should kill Jackson. She could never forget the people that she met and what she did in that horrible place, and for her it was the most shameful and most humiliating experience of her life. Even if she took dozens of showers every day, she still wasn't clean. How could

keep your body just for Jackson, which is worthy of praise, but can you deal with Jackson's woman? And that kid, what do you plan to do with him? If you have

in her eyes. Word by word she then said, "That bitch, Cherry, I will never

in that case, Cherry would leave Jackson, and Sally could kill the child. At that time, Jackson's family would already be dissipated, and that was what he wanted to see.

party is very important to me, and you should all behave

no reply to Mond's

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