Ice and Fire

Chapter 287 Rush To The Hospital (Part One)

When Jackson came back home, he looked around the living room but found no one in it. He saw only Lily, who was busy in the kitchen.

Noticing that Jackson had returned, Lily immediately greeted him respectfully, "Mr. Jackson, you're back home!"

"Yes. Where is my Grandfather?" asked Jackson.

"He's in the study now, " answered Lily, obedient.

Jackson nodded to her, and then continued to ask her, "Has Cherry come back?"

"Yes, Mrs. Cherry might be in your room now, " answered Lily. She had been too busy, and she wasn't sure whether Cherry had finally gone downstairs or not.

Jackson then didn't say anything else and just walked directly upstairs.

After he opened the door of their room, Jackson saw that Cherry was sitting on one side of the bed. He smiled, and his heart filled with joy when he saw her. He then walked inside the room and walked closer to her.

"When did you come back?" asked Jackson, as he sat beside Cherry, putting his arm around her shoulders.

But Cherry pushed his arm away, and refused to let Jackson touch her. She then said, "I came back at three o'clock."

Jackson was surprised by Cherry's reaction, and wondered in his mind, 'What happened?'

"Baby, what's wrong?" asked Jackson tenderly.

all. She was lost in her thoughts about

answer his question, Jackson started to become puzzled. He couldn't figure

put his hand on Cherry's shoulders again, and in a

her body, Cherry shook

she immediately stood up and

stared at Cherry who was at a

was the one who was doing the inquiring. "You've known

in surprise, because it had never occurred to his mind that she

did you find out that?" asked Jackson.

caught the answer from his words. Jackson must have known Mond before in the past, and if she guessed it right, both Jackson and

what you think, " said Jackson, as he got closer to her. He wanted to hold her hand and explain things to her better. He wanted

Cherry immediately took another several steps backwards and

that time, Andrew, who was sitting in the study, heard Cherry's cry, and he didn't understand what was happening. He wondered, 'Is Jackson back home

them and mediate the situation. 'How can Jackson be so irritable?' he thought, because as soon as

stood up from his seat and then walked

at Cherry, and hopelessly asked, "What

her, and his real intention hadn't been to hide the truth from her at all. He was just afraid that she would start to worry about the JS Group, and that her work might also become a harder burden for her to

does he also know our Grandpa?" asked Cherry, firmly.

sentence that he heard happened to be what Cherry said. He instantly stopped walking, standing deathly still, unable to take another step forward. 'Is it true that Mond has returned? Is he in the

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