Ice and Fire

Chapter 290 Before The Party (Part One)

Derek and Selina felt very nervous in the car. They were worried sick about Andrew's physical condition.

"Derek, Grandpa Andrew will be okay, won't he?" asked Selina, greatly concerned.

"Don't worry about it! He'll be fine; he's always been in good health, " said Derek, trying to comfort his sister, although in his heart he was also very worried about him. He knew that if something wrong ever happened to Andrew, a war would inevitably start in the city. A lot of people were already aware of the fact that the underworld tokens were in Andrew's possession, and as everyone of them wanted to seize their power, all of them would try their best to fight for the tokens. If Jackson couldn't make everyone in the underworld support him as their leader, then a resistance would also appear, and then everything would spiral out of control.

Selina then looked out the window and didn't say another single word. She thought, 'Grandpa Andrew has always been kind to me, and although a lot of people are afraid of him because of his great power and influence in the city, I'm not. I don't care about neither his power nor his influence, I only know that he is a nice person. He's been around me ever since I was born, and he has always treated me very well. When I went abroad that year, he gave me a plush toy as a gift. He was really nice to me, and I regard him as my own grandfather, but now he's in the hospital; I hope that he'll get better soon and always stays healthy.'

Inside the ward, Andrew slightly opened his eyes.

Jackson was very excited when he saw his Grandpa open his eyes, and he nervously looked at him.

Cherry and the butler noticed that Andrew was awake too, and they quickly took a few paces towards his bed to see him better.

"Grandpa, you're awake!" said Jackson, very concerned.

Andrew slightly nodded at them. He looked at Jackson, and then looked at Cherry and the butler who were beside him all together. After he saw his surroundings, he realized that he wasn't at home anymore.

I in the hospital?" asked Andrew in a feeble manner, because he had felt the smell of disinfectant in the ward.

everything is alright, so please don't worry about it

he tried to comfort him, but actually, he was the one who was worried the most about Andrew. He felt very distressed when

health, " said Andrew, with a weak smile on his face. How could he show his debility in front of his grandson

to Jackson, "Aren't you and Cherry supposed to be at a party tonight?

said, "Grandpa, I won't go

how can we Chu Family members be absent from it?" With these words, Andrew

to leave you here all alone. Please let us stay here together with you, " calmly said Cherry, trying her best

there, " said

to look at Jackson. She didn't think that she could be the one who could make the final decision; she was just as what Jackson had

and after he thought for while, he kindly said to him, "Jackson, you should know what your priorities are at the current moment. I'm in the hospital now, and if you and Cherry don't go to the party, everyone will soon find out that there's something wrong with me. Once they

accompany his beloved Grandpa, who was in great need of him. He

know what exactly would take place if that were to happen, she knew that the Chu Family had always played an important role in the city, and that its power and influence were very great. Andrew had been the one in charge of the Chu Family for decades, and she was quite sure that it wasn't a

let that happen so soon, because I haven't gotten the token yet. After I get the token and the power in my

a false smile on his face, and said to Jackson, "Jackson, listen to your Grandpa and think of the overall interests. Don't worry, I'll take care of your Grandpa, you just go to the party with Cherry. You know that the party is very important for both the

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