Ice and Fire

Chapter 293 Perfect Match (Part One)

When they arrived at the party's location, Jackson and Cherry got out of the car, while Derek and Selina were already walking towards them.

Standing next to Jackson, Derek took a peek inside, and said, "It seems there aren't so many people inside."

"Maybe most of them haven't arrived yet? Every time there's a party, some people will be late, right?" said Selina.

Jackson and Cherry were silent, and didn't talk to neither Derek or Selina.

Derek and Selina looked at each other for a moment and felt that something was odd. Were they still having a lover's quarrel? Shouldn't have they made up already?

"Jackson, Cherry, come on, let's go inside, " said Selina.

"Yes, let's go inside. I don't think it's appropriate to stand at the door for so much time, " said Derek, echoing Selina's words.

As she looked at Selina, Cherry slightly nodded, and said, "Okay, let's go in."

After she said that, Cherry reached out to hold Jackson's arms. She knew that it was what she had to do as Jackson's wife when she was present at such events. Even if she was still mad at him, she had to pretend that they were going along very well. She had to put on a mask to hide herself from everyone around her, and to pretend to be a friendly and hospitable woman, Jackson's ideal wife.

Jackson said nothing when he saw that Cherry had taken the initiative to hold his arm.

As sensible as Derek and Selina were, they also quickly took action. After Selina cheerfully strode towards Derek and held his arms, they walked inside together, with Jackson and Cherry entering behind them.

without looking away not even for one second, while every woman seemed to be in the grips

wife is so beautiful, "

and figure! Both are just perfect, " said another

could have such a beautiful

were also discussing about her, obviously jealous on her

in Paris, but

Jackson's wife! If you're as pretty as she is, you can also become Mr. Jackson's woman and stand at his side, " said another woman.

and at that time, the queen of the party will be you, " said a woman

You know, a woman showing off just because her husband is rich and handsome, " said the

because you're no match for her no matter how

in a less crowded corner, with Cherry and Selina quietly standing next to them.

later, several people came to greet them. As Jackson looked at the respectful men in front of him, he slightly nodded and chatted with them for a while. Occasionally they mentioned about Cherry, and after she heard them

time to time, but Cherry remained mostly silent. Jackson knew that she wasn't in a good mood, so he tried his best

the women were no better than men, because despite their extravagant dresses, they were ignorant and gossipy. There was no way that Cherry could have ever liked them, not to mention

wine glass in his hand. As he looked at Cherry, he said, "Mrs. Cherry, you're so young and beautiful. I would have never believed that you're already the mother of a child if I


this one, and we never had chance to chat with each other. I was wondering if I can invite you to an afternoon tea some time?" asked the woman, who was standing next to

herself, 'Look at her fake smile! What a hypocritical woman she is! She

she had to do as Jackson's wife in a social

about I ask you out when I have free time? I'm just a little bit busy these days, you know, working at the JS Group. I'll ask you out when I find some free space in my agenda, " said Cherry, a little distant and perfunctory.

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