Ice and Fire

Chapter 297 Love Is With A Cost (Part Two)

But Jackson angrily stared at her and said, "You know I hate Mond and Stephen, so why do you remain on their side?"

Sally immediately became frightened when she saw the terrifying look in Jackson's eyes.

She slowly distanced herself from Jackson and kept herself back from him.

"Jackson, please forgive me! I didn't do stay for no reason." Sally pleaded.

"Sure, you have your reasons. Mond has been giving you money all these years! Money that is actually Grandpa's money! Of course, you would stay with him for the money!" Jackson spat out angrily.

When Sally heard his words, her eyes became as big as saucers. She knew she couldn't conceal anything from Jackson. He knew everything.

" already knew all of that?" Asked Sally.

But Jackson didn't answer.

She continued, "Mond's been with me for many years, ever since I left the residential compound..."

When Sally saw Jackson look away, she knew he understood what she was about to say, even though she hadn't finished telling him.

Sally suddenly stepped closer to Jackson again. She pulled his arm and quickly said, "Jackson, don't worry, we haven't leaked any of the things that happened back then. I'll never say anything, and Stephen won't either."

glanced down at Sally thinking, 'The one that I worry about is Mond, and the person that I care about is Cherry. If

back, Cherry looked at the crowds of people and felt

let's find a quieter place for a while. I

not wanting to go back either. She was as disgusted

would be there..." Selina suggested as she pointed to a corner at the end of

nodding her head.

that direction, but suddenly stopped in their tracks.

scene in front of her was too familiar to her. There was no doubt, the man was her husband, Jackson, and the woman at his side was Sally, clinging to him

saw Sally was pulling at Jackson's arm, and they were quarreling

realized Cherry was unable to react, too overwhelmed with grief and in shock. 'She must

moment, and suddenly shouted loudly

turned and looked at Selina

standing there quietly. He shoved Sally away from him, and wondered, 'How long has she been standing there? She's angry. I know her well enough, and

she snapped out of her trance. Then she

away from the scene and walked quickly away.

but stared at Sally furiously saying loudly, "Such a shameless

her words, she

saw Cherry walk away, he immediately moved to chase after her, but Sally caught him

after her!" Sally begged him in a

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