Ice and Fire

Chapter 298 Love Is With A Cost (Part Three)

He pinned her tightly between himself and the wall, stared down at her face and said in earnest voice, "Baby, listen to me, please. I have no feelings for Sally."

Cherry stared up at his face inches from her. When she had calmed down enough, she recognized his familiar features and knew she wasn't dreaming. Jackson was really standing in front of her.

"You don't have to explain to me, because I don't want to listen to what you have to say." Cherry calmly told him.

Jackson felt somewhat stunned by the serious tone behind her words.

When Jackson didn't respond, she continued, "I can't understand your relationship with that woman, so why would you have to explain to me? If you love her, just go and find her."

"But the one that I love is you! It's always been you!" Jackson said firmly as he looked into Cherry's eyes.

Cherry met his gaze, and at that moment, she felt his gaze had nearly captured her heart until suddenly, she thought about what had happened sometime earlier at home. The things Jackson had said that hurt her, the sting from the slap across her face, and the resentful look in his eyes toward her when Grandpa had fallen. How special his love was!

"Alright, sure, you love me." Cherry sneered as she said to him.

didn't understand why she said it like that, and he thought she was still angry

can I believe every word you say?" Cherry asked

her "yes", then she would believe him even

his handsome face I fell in love with? Why didn't I ever understand

me go, now. I don't want to cry today." Cherry said flatly, with a cold

in her eyes, he knew he had no other choice

freed his grip, Cherry turned to leave the room,

hands gently, as though he was afraid he would hurt her if he

whispered "Baby. I'm sorry!" softly as he

cry out. She asked herself, 'Does he really have to apologize to me? What is he apologizing for?

as she asked herself, 'Why am I angry with him? Sometimes, I pretended to be happy in front of him for selfish reasons too. Didn't I deceive him as he did to me? Then? Why

be angry. You're my wife, and I'll spend the rest of

Cherry calmly said, "Jackson?"

I'm listening."

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