Ice and Fire

Chapter 300 I Am The Loser (Part Two)

Jackson was jealous about the obvious affection Mond felt towards Cherry and growing enraged. He asked, "What's wrong with me slapping my woman? How is it your business?"

Jackson's questions were infuriating Mond more by the second and he stepped closer Jackson. In a deliberately low voice he threatened, "Jackson Chu, you know what, if I want something, I will have it!"

"Mond Xu, I know the Chu Family owns you, but don't you dare touch her. If you want something, just tell me and I'll get it for you." Jackson was fearful deep in his heart. How would he survive the sorrow of losing Cherry again? If Cherry left him, he would break.

"Jackson Chu, why do you take everything good? Why?" Mond demanded, the hatred in his eyes grew stronger. If Mond's birth were a mistake, what followed was a bitter joke.

Jackson didn't answer Mond because he didn't know what to say.

Mond continued, "Jackson Chu, can you guess more? If I'm interested in Cherry, will I kill her?"

"Mond Xu, I've told you, don't touch her." Jackson replied angrily, knowing deep in his heart Mond hated his guts.

Listening to Jackson, Mond suddenly smiled gently as he continued, "It appears Cherry is very important to you, Jackson Chu. Now, I believe the game is much more fun, more than I could have imagined."

"Mond Xu, I didn't force you out in the past, but that doesn't mean I won't do it now." Jackson threatened as he thought about how he hadn't hurt Mond in the past, but, he wouldn't let anyone harm Cherry, and if anyone did, it wouldn't end well.

come on." Mond retorted, he wasn't afraid of Jackson at all, so he

kid from the past? Jackson Chu, on the day I accepted the money Andrew offered, I swore I would kill you both,

Jackson ground out through

suddenly burst out laughing with an almost crazed look in his eyes as he said, "Good, good, I deserve that, and now

told him. He believed in his aptitude to fight against

see if I have the

worried about Cherry, he wanted to protect her and she had no idea she was in great

should take the fall caused by a mistake their parents made, and yet, he could do nothing about the fact that Mond kept hating him. However, Mond now aimed at hurting Cherry and Jackson wouldn't risk losing her, because Cherry meant everything to him. If only one of them could survive between Mond and Cherry, Jackson would choose Cherry without hesitation, but at the same time, it hadn't

asked with great concern, "Jean, how's your life been these past years?

midnight wind blasted as Jean listened to Cherry and she felt the bitterness in

ask what your husband was thinking when he sent me to that underground world, instead of asking me if my life has

The loss of her best friend that had caused a scar that still

that you can accept that your husband sent me to the underground world?" Jean demanded bitterly, she had hated

what he had

in a disgusted tone, "Cherry Shen, I don't

do this to me, okay? Our family lost their fortune and Daddy lives as any other ordinary person, let's stop fighting and live in peace and harmony, like other sisters in the world, please, can we?" Cherry pleaded, in a low voice. She hoped Jean and she could stop attacking each other. Besides, Cherry felt sorry for Jean as she stood there in front of her, and Cherry thought she

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