Ice and Fire

Chapter 302 Friend's Happiness (Part Two)

Mond watched Cherry while she was deep in thought, but he said nothing. He wanted to see what conclusion Cherry drew.

Cherry looked at Mond, carefully wording her question, "Has Jackson bullied you in the past?"

Mond smiled scornfully, looking at Cherry, "Cherry, you are very silly."

Being called silly by Mond, Cherry felt a little embarrassed, because she was berated by a stranger. Actually, that was merely her guess, but Mond's tone was really harsh after she said what she guessed.

Noticing Cherry's expression was a little strange, Mond realized he was out of line just now. He was used to speaking his mind in front of Sally and Jean, so when he talked to Cherry, he said things he thought as usual.

Mond said, "I'm sorry for what I just said."

Cherry shook her head. A helpless look appeared on her face as she stared at Mond and said, "You do not have to apologize, Mr. Mond. You're the CEO of ZM Group, so you must be used to lecturing people. I can understand."

Mond didn't know what to say and thought to himself, 'Did she say that to show how generous she is? If she were Sally, she would retort or humiliate him, but Cherry was just polite. She lives up to the title as Jackson's wife. I won't admit that she is his wife though because, in my heart, she isn't Jackson's wife at all.'

Cherry noticed Mond's silence. She thought of what she had found in the reading room and she believed that Mond knew Grandpa.

"Mr. Mond, " Cherry paused a moment and then continued, "You must know Grandpa Andrew, right?"

When she mentioned Andrew, Mond's heart filled with hatred. He thought to himself, 'That man is so manipulative. How can he be called Grandpa! He should be in hell!'

calmly said, "Of course. I know Jackson, so how could I

However, Jackson slapped me. Grandpa has always been healthy, but he suddenly faints and he

have a lot

Mond's eyes and seriously asked, "Did Grandpa give you

changed, twisting into a horrible look. He thought, 'This is a turning point.

as he asked, "Cherry, do you think the Chu family is rich? And they just give money away casually to anyone?" Mond thought to himself, 'This woman just

so, the whole Chu family would be turned upside-down. So far, she met Mond, Jackson slapped her and Grandpa was in the hospital.

mean? Cherry, stop believing your family is the richest. I

up what had happened in the past; how dared she ask. How could he respond? Should he tell her that he had left the city

Andrew, he must have given Mond the money for a specific reason. She had no idea of what was going

looked away from

a while, Mond asked, "Cherry, do

anything about Jackson? Mond then decided to tell her himself. He wanted to see how she felt about Jackson after she knew more

about him, to be able to understand him, and accompany Jackson and spend the rest of her life with him.

asked, "Do you know everything

a business card out of his pocket, and put it on the table in front of Cherry saying, "Call me at

he left quickly.

was confused and wondered why

card and on it the words "The CEO of ZM Group Mond Xu" were typed out as well as his telephone number. Cherry thought

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