Chapter 1


The scorching sun of summer feels like it could roast a person to a crisp.

Cornelia Stewart took half a day off from her boss, left the office, and went straight to the city hall in Waterside District to get her marriage certificate.

She knew that her grandma was still upset about what had happened three years ago, thinking she didn’t protect Cornelia well, which led to her bad reputation and inability to go home.

With Granny Rebecca getting older, Rebecca worried about not being able to take care of Cornelia anymore. So, she found Granny Luisa from Riverton, hoping she could introduce a suitable man to Cornelia. As it happened, Granny Luisa’s grandson was an eligible


The older generation always felt that a girl’s ultimate goal should be to get married, no matter who the husband was, as long as she got married, it was like completing her mission.

Having experienced what happened three years ago and witnessing so many broken marriages around her, Cornelia didn’t have high hopes for marriage.

She believed that if she met the right person, she could get married, but if not, being single for the rest of her life wasn’t bad either.

But to put her grandma at ease, Cornelia agreed to marry Granny Luisa’s grandson.

She quickly arrived at her destination and, as she got out of the car, she saw a tall man standing at the entrance of the city hall.

He wore a plain white shirt and black slacks, but his appearance was striking, and women couldn’t help but stare at him.

He was on the phone, not looking sideways.

Cornelia checked her phone and found the photo her grandma sent her. The man was the one in the photo, but he was even more handsome in person.

She approached him, and when she was close, he hung up the phone and asked, “Cornelia?”

Not only was he good–looking, but he also had a deep and sexy voice.

She nodded, “Are you Jeremy Artis?

Jeremy nodded and turned to walk into the city hall.

and Cornelia had to jog to keep up with

checked his watch, “Do you have any

if he knew her, if he knew

be like her, forced to get married by the pressure of the

he was Granny Luisa’s grandson, not even knowing

shook her head,

finished it quickly.

hardly believe it.

work lately and won’t have time to take care of you. Take this card, the password

time she recovered, Jeremy had already left in a


worked in the branch of the Hartley Group, and had opened a comic book studio with her friend. With a lot of income every month, she ccould live a good life

ideal loveless marriage was to get a certificate to deal with the elders at home, not to interfere with each other after

as usual.

Artis is willing to live a peaceful life with her, she would also manage this marriage

thinking that, Cornelia sent a photo of the marriage certificate to her

some children with him as

Replying with one word, Cornelia put away


was in Cornelia’s hometown. If a woman was still single, she would be urged to get married, and once married, she would be pushed to have children. It was as if women couldn’t have their

seemed to have no influence on

getting married, that man never reached out to Cornelia again. Cornelia’s life didn’t undergo any changes whatsoever and she continued tirelessly working

and Riverton welcomed

been transferred to the

Hartley Group returned from a year abroad today, and everyone in the company was very nervous, especially Cornelia, who may be

two men and a woman exited. The man in the lead wore silver–framed glasses and was at least

help but

president, President Hartley,” her colleague Yolanda whispered in her ear. “A girl in

president in her less than a year working at the headquarters. She knew

scoff came from behind, “Do you think you’re worthy of him?” The speaker was Eden Petersen, who had asked Cornelia out and often made things difficult for her

never harbored unrealistic fantasies, and she didn’t care about such


thoughts and continued sarcastically, “Women these days are always aiming too high. Just because they’re a little attractive, they want to marry a rich

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