The bedroom door was abruptly pushed open before I could ponder any further. Slightly drenched, Ashton headed straight for the bathroom without sparing me a second glance. Following that was the sound of running water.

His return made it rather impossible for me to continue sleeping, so I got up and put on some clothes. I took out a set of his pajamas from the wardrobe and placed it by the bathroom door before going straight to the balcony.

As it was the monsoon season, it started to drizzle outside. The sky was dark and the sound of the rain pelting on the bricks could be heard vaguely.

Sensing the sound of movement behind me, I turned and saw that Ashton had emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was damp and the droplets of water dripping down his muscular body created an enticing sight.

He probably noticed my gaze, so he glanced at me with a slight frown. “Come here,” he commanded in a voice void of emotion.

I obediently walked over and caught the towel that he had thrown toward me. He then demanded, “Dry my hair.”

I had long gotten accustomed to his domineering ways. Just as he sat on the edge of the bed, I climbed onto it and kneeled behind him to wipe his hair.

“Grandpa’s funeral is tomorrow. We should head over to the family home earlier,” I reminded him. I wasn’t trying to make conversation with him. Rather, I was worried that he would possibly forget about it as his mind was rather occupied with Rebecca.

out a

he didn’t want to interact with me, I kept mum and focused on drying his hair. After that, I lay on the bed once again, ready to

to my pregnancy. Ashton would usually head to his study after he showered and would stay there until midnight. Given that

reasonable effort, I managed to withhold my questions even though I was utterly confounded. In spite of that, his arms suddenly wrapped around my waist

my eyes to gaze

he questioned. His obsidian eyes flashed, a hint

gaze. Indeed, I was unwilling, but it wasn’t for me

you be gentler?” The fetus was only six weeks old and

a word he rolled over and started ravaging me roughly. My body curled from the pain and I could only do so much to protect the child

rain started to pour heavily in tandem with his rough movements. Lightning flashed across the sky and thunder boomed right after that, causing the room to be

up to take some painkillers. Nevertheless, I dismissed the idea as

of a sudden, the phone on the bedside table rang. It was Ashton’s phone. I glanced at the

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