Rebecca was stunned upon hearing my words. Her eyes darkened a little and she looked back at Ashton, tugging on his sleeve before telling him softly, “Ash, I was out of line last night. I see that I have disturbed both you and Scarlett. Can you ask her to stay to have breakfast with us? Just take it as an apology from me, please?”


Haha! Indeed, some people don’t need to work to earn an ounce of affection. All they need to do is bat their lashes and act vulnerable, and they’ll be able to get away with even murder.

Ashton had initially paid me no heed, but when Rebecca spoke up, he glanced at me and stated, “Let’s eat together.”

His tone was cold and commanding.

Did it hurt? I was already numb to the pain.

I flashed a smile and nodded. “Thank you.”

I could never bear to refuse Ashton. Because he was someone whom I had fallen in love with at first sight, getting over him would be undoubtedly difficult.

first time that I got to taste the food made by Ashton. Fried eggs and bacon were nothing special, but they still left a deep impression on me. All along, I had thought that a man like Ashton Fuller was above everyone else. I thought he would never stoop so low as to cook with his

the fried eggs that Ash has made. They’re excellent. When we were together, he always made this for me,” Rebecca urged while placing an egg on

a saccharine smile on her face, she gave one to Ashton as well. “Ash, you promised

to speak unnecessarily,

to be accustomed to this already as he ate his breakfast in a sophisticated manner. He was quietly watching our interactions as if

gaze as my brows furrowed into a frown. Grandpa’s funeral is today! If Ashton leaves with Rebecca, what’s going to

could fully enjoy their breakfast today. After having a few bites, Ashton headed upstairs

In the bedroom.

he asked

he casually removed his clothes, putting his sturdy figure on display. I

shuffling noises behind me as well as the sound of his zipper being zipped. His monotonous voice soon followed. “You can go

frown on my face deepened. “He is your grandfather, Ashton.” Ashton was the eldest grandson of the Fullers. If he were absent from the funeral, what would the

handle the funeral. You can communicate with him on the details.” He spoke without emotion as if

quick to raise my

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