“Ms. Larson, I’m surprised at how fast you’ve switched personalities.” Casting her a cursory glance, I picked up my bag and prepared to make my journey to the Fullers’ home.

Since Ashton was unwilling to go, it was my job to go in his stead.

As soon as I reached the door, Rebecca stepped forward to block my way. Seeing that Ashton was absent, she could finally take a breather from pretending to be a harmless little bunny. She questioned me sharply, “When are you going to sign the divorce papers?”

I was stunned for a second. Nevertheless, I released a chuckle as I looked at her. “Are you playing the homewrecker by forcing me to divorce him?”

“You’re the homewrecker!” Calling her that seemed to have hit a nerve because her face darkened as she snarled, “If it weren’t for you, the lady of this house would have been me by now. Since George has died, there is no one to protect you, no one who will ensure that you can continue living here. If I were you, I’d sign the divorce papers, take the money that Ashton has offered, and get as far away from here as possible.”

“Well, it’s a pity that you’re not me, Ms. Larson!” I retorted coldly as I ignored her jabs and skirted around her to go downstairs. Other than Ashton, no one in the world could say anything to hurt me.

Being a person who had always basked in the limelight, Rebecca felt dissatisfied that I was ignoring her. She suddenly gave a hard grip on my arm. “How shameless can you get, Scarlett? Ash doesn’t even like you, so what’s the use of clinging onto him?”

Glancing back at her, I had the urge to laugh but my next words were uttered calmly. “Since you’re aware of his stance toward me, what’s there to be nervous about?”

bright red, unable to

clinging onto him…” I paused as I

with anger. Without thinking, she raised her hands and intended to push me. The stairs were behind me, so out

her to lose her own footing. She fell right down the

resounded throughout the living room, and I stood rooted to the ground for a while,

front darting my way. Then, Ashton’s figure shot down the stairs as he went to check on Rebecca, who was already lying at

floor, holding her abdomen with an agonized look on her ashen face. She spoke in a feeble voice, “My child.

area of the carpet red. Every fiber in my body

With Ashton’s child?

child. The child…” Rebecca tugged at Ashton’s sleeve as she repeated the words

forehead, his icy expression sank

comforted Rebecca and scooped

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