It was an hour’s journey from the villa to the Fullers’ family home. Throughout the entire hour, I felt like I was in a daze.

My mind was flooded with thoughts about the child in Rebecca’s belly and the look in Ashton’s eyes before he left. I couldn’t seem to draw enough air into my lungs.

My chest tightened, and just as the car pulled to a stop in front of the Fullers’ family home, a wave of nausea washed over me. I rushed out of the car and retched on the flowerbed for a long time, unable to throw up.

“It seems like being Mrs. Fuller has made you fragile, seeing that you’ve almost vomited after a short car ride.” A sharp and distasteful voice sounded out from the front door of the house.

I didn’t need to look to know who it was. George had two sons. The elder one was Christopher Fuller, who had died in a car accident along with his wife years ago, leaving his only son, Ashton, behind. George’s second son was Charlie Fuller.

At that moment, the one mocking me outside the family home was Uncle Charlie’s wife, Helen Clarke. There were many internal feuds within wealthy families, so I had already gotten used to this.

I stared

background, or perhaps she was disgruntled because George had valued Ashton so much that he handed the reigns

one else inside the car, her expression darkened. “What? Ashton, the favorite grandson, didn’t

lips into a smile and gave her a perfunctory reply. “An important issue has arisen,

my father-in-law has placed all his hope on. I

were an influential family, so many people attended the funeral to pay their respects. Although Helen was repulsed by me, for the sake of appearances, she didn’t make

the family home together. George’s casket was in the middle of the hall where some white flowers were arranged on top

after the other, all clad in black mourning attire. George was well-known, so those who came to offer their respects were all from outstanding backgrounds. Charlie and Helen greeted them outside, while I greeted them inside

Stovall.” Mrs. Eriksen strode toward me with

there weren’t many descendants. George had always preferred a life of peace and solace and had only

her face. “This was left to you by Mr. Fuller before he

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