Helen scoffed. “She is merely an ingrate. Dad treated her well over the past few years for nothing.”

“Stop it!” Charlie glared at her before he glanced at me helplessly. “It’s late. Your grandpa’s funeral is already over. Go home now.”

“Thank you, Uncle Charlie,” Both Helen and Charlie were over fifty years old. They didn’t have any children and lived comfortably on the shares of Fuller Corporation.

Helen could be rather sharp-tongued, but she wasn’t a bad person at all. They were a loving couple, envied by many others.

As they walked away, I stood in front of George’s grave, still deep in thought. My relationship with Ashton would possibly come to an end since Grandpa had passed on.

I’m going to lose him, after all.

“Grandpa, take care. I’ll visit you later.” I bowed sincerely before I spun on my heels to leave. In spite of that, I was momentarily shocked by the sight that greeted me.

When did Ashton arrive?

standing close by and was gazing at George’s

of me,

he come to

as he was about to leave. “Ashton, Grandpa has passed on. You should let it go. After

his gaze darkened, I trailed off

into a rage, but he merely

cemetery. The sky was already dark by now. The driver

started the engine and drove off silently. I clenched my fingers, wanting to ask him about Rebecca, but when I saw his dark expression

a long silence, I couldn’t help but ask, “How is Ms. Larson doing?” I didn’t push her, but

let out an ear-splitting screech as it came to an abrupt halt. I was thrown

man was glowering at me icily. Keenly detecting a sense of danger, I recoiled as I

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