Ashton, who was watching the entire debacle, strode in slowly. Thereafter, he glanced at Rebecca and asked, “Why are you still awake?”

Rebecca acted like she was pleasantly surprised at his arrival. Pouting daintily, she tugged him so that he would sit by the side of her bed before she wrapped her arms around him. “I slept too much during the day and I can’t sleep now. Why are you here?”

“To visit you.” Ashton’s gaze landed on me. Frowning, he immediately ordered, “Deal with that now!”

His voice was cold and devoid of concern.

Rebecca put on a regretful expression while her arms were clasped around him. “I was too careless and I accidentally injured Scarlett.”

Ashton calmly stroked her long hair; it seemed like he wasn’t going to reprimand her.

My heart ached as if I had been forced to the edge of a cliff. Slowly, I dragged my feet out of the ward.

I knew I would lose the bet, but I was hoping that Ashton would at least inquire if I was hurt. That would have been sufficient for me.

Alas, he didn’t spare me a second glance. He didn’t even seem to pity me.

figure blocked my way. I looked up and was met with Jared

I greeted him,

long look before he asked, “Does it

down my cheeks and fall to the floor. I

hurt. How could he, the person who was

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said pointedly, leaving no room for argument. He was a doctor, so it

wasn’t a nosy person. He only wanted to treat my injuries

nurse on duty before he turned to tell me, “She will

I nodded. “Thank you!”

hand carefully. Her brows scrunched up when she caught sight of several blisters. “This is rather

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there were blisters, the nurse had to

I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain, she cautioned me, “It might hurt.


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