I was at a loss, so I went to Macy.

She was at Hour Bar.

It was still early, so there weren’t many customers. Macy ordered a cocktail before she handed it to me. “Why are you here at this hour? Did something happen?”

My gaze swept across the girls spinning around the poles. Hearing the tremendously loud pop music and yells, I shook my head. The cocktail was already on my lips when I put it down. “No. I came here to wind down.”

“Did Ashton bully you again?” Macy asked in exasperation. “If you’ve had enough of it, get a divorce. You’re pretty enough to get other men whom you’re attracted to. Why would you stay with an ice sculpture forever? Isn’t that tiring?”

Macy was always this outspoken. We were good friends, so she hated seeing me mope over Ashton.

I handed the pregnancy report to her as I uttered helplessly, “Even if I’m pretty, would any man accept me if I have a child?”

Grabbing the pregnancy report from me, Macy studied it carefully. Her eyes widened as she asked me, “You’re six weeks pregnant? I’d thought that you never had sex with Ashton? How did you get pregnant?”

came to pick me up.”

her a while to regain her composure. “So what will you do


the baby,” suggested Macy. “Ashton and you don’t belong together. George is dead, so being pregnant spells trouble. You should abort it and get a divorce. Life isn’t short. He’s not

the crowd was growing, I told

her advice. Seeing as such, she changed my cocktail to a glass

busy to talk to me, so I sat in a corner and

around in the

It wasn’t until people started

few thugs were in the bar; all of them were surrounding Macy. Most of the customers had fled.

shadows, so no one noticed me.

my surprise, Macy was eerily

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