“Why not?” the thug replied with an evil smile. “You flung that glass at me, right?”

I inclined my head. “I didn’t do it on purpose. Sorry about that.”

“Damn it! Do you have a death wish?” yelled the thug as he waved his baton at me menacingly. Macy and I avoided his attack. Seeing a beer bottle on a table aside, I picked it up and hurled it at him.

The other thugs were enjoying the show before Macy and I retaliated. They immediately grabbed their batons and charged at us.

Macy and I were skilled in fighting, so we weren’t taken advantage of. When the police arrived, everyone was lightly wounded. We were brought to the police station together.

After recording our statements, Macy and I had to be bailed out. We were the victims, but we had fought back in the fight.

Macy was an orphan. I was her only friend in J City. Hence, she had to rely on my connections to bail us out.

I spent my days at work and at home. As I was an introvert, I didn’t have many friends. Hence, I decided to call Jared for help.

as I spoke, “Dr. Crest, I’m sorry for disturbing you at this hour. Can you do me a favor? I’m at the police station. Can you come to

reply, I


Why did

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displeasure even through

gave him an

“Why didn’t you call Ashton directly? Look what you’ve gotten

left the villa, Ashton was drunk. I thought that he’d be sleeping by now and I called Jared instead. I didn’t

know that he would answer Jared’s

station with an entourage. He was cool

every other day. Almost everyone in the police

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