I knew that he was upset, so I bade goodbye to Macy softly as I walked toward him. Lowering my head, I expressed my gratitude. “Thank you!”

Ashton merely glanced at me as his expression turned thunderous. “Get into the car!” he ordered.

I entered the car obediently.

On the way back home, I received a text from Macy informing me that she was back home safely. Hence, I replied and texted her: Good night!

Looking out the car window, I realized that we were almost back home. The man was still as cool as ever. If he refused to say a word, I would remain silent too.

At long last, the vehicle came to a stop in front of the villa. He alighted the car as he soon made his way inside. I trailed along behind him as I explained, “Ashton, I thought that you were drunk. That is why I called Dr. Crest. I didn’t mean anything else.”

My explanation was possibly feeble, but I still spoke up even though I knew that he wouldn’t care.

as he narrowed his gaze at me. “Anything

a loss for

I am also Ashton’s wife. Even if I weren’t married

me like dirt. If it weren’t for George’s help,

Ashton glared at me as he stomped

stop, looking as though something had just occurred to him.

say so on the way back? Granger’s was on the opposite end of town. Besides, it was already midnight. Was he telling me to travel across town to buy breakfast for

you need it by today? It’s already midnight!

came his reply. He

He wants to

owed him one. I headed out of the villa as

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