Rebecca couldn’t stop herself from sobbing like a child who had been abandoned by her mother.

Ashton pulled her into his arms. “Rebecca, you’re not alone. You won’t be alone. Calm down, will you?”

“Don’t let her give birth to the baby, please,” Rebecca begged, her eyes swollen from all of her sobbing. “Ash, please don’t let her give birth to the baby. Do you want me to die?”

She sounded so determined.

Fury flashed across Ashton’s gaze. “Rebecca, stop it!”

Rebecca gave him a sudden shove as she grabbed a knife meant for the fruits and slashed her wrist.

Her actions were swift. Ashton and I had no idea that Rebecca would go to this extreme. Hence, the man panicked as he picked her up to bring her to the ER.

Rebecca clung to the bed’s railing, refusing to loosen her grip. She gazed at Ashton intently as she repeated, “Don’t let her give birth to the baby!”

was shocked. Why is she so determined on this? Before Ashton could reply, I spoke up, “Rebecca, don’t worry. I won’t…” Trailing off, I took a deep breath to keep the pain at bay. “I won’t give birth to the

“Scarlett!” Ashton roared angrily.

she might die. Imagine

his lips, Ashton gazed at me darkly before he left with Rebecca

of blood on the floor, which evidently belonged to Rebecca,

the doctors told me to get another IV drip. I wasn’t in the mood to stay, so I refused as I

night of heavy rain, the air smelled rather refreshing. I didn’t go back to the villa as I soon made my way to Fuller Corporation

the company’s lobby, the receptionist hurriedly approached me. “Ms. Stovall, Dr. Ludwick’s wife is waiting for you in your

the button on the elevator. “Tell Stacey

The receptionist nodded.

the elevator, I called Jared. He picked up after two rings and answered,

to hear him calling my name. Frowning,

at my request. “Sure,” he replied after a short pause. “Let me know the

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