Stacey had been with me for about two years, and she was well aware of the things that happened between Ashton and me. Knitting her brows, she said, “If you agree to the divorce, you know Old Mr. Fuller would be disappointed with your decision, right?”

“Besides, if you agree to it right now, the shares which Old Mr. Fuller had transferred to you will belong to Mr. Fuller. Ms. Stovall, the odds will not be in your favor if you make this decision.”

I was well aware of her concerns. After looking at the time, I noticed that it was already quite late. Hence, I did not care to explain things further and said, “I have my own plans. Please fetch me the documents. I need to head out later.”

Stacey stomped out of the office when she noticed that I did not pay heed to her.

I cleared up my stuff and found the car keys. Thanks to Stacey’s efficiency, I only had to wait at the staircase for a short while before she fetched the things that I requested.

She still had not given up on talking me out of the divorce. “Ms. Stovall, it’s really not wise to sign the divorce papers now. You…”

“Enough!” I interrupted her before she could finish her sentence. After getting into the lift, I looked into her eyes and said, “Don’t worry about me and focus on your work. I know what to do.”

her lips to say something, but the elevator door

car after I reached the parking lot and drove straight to the place where Jared and

Bay was a restaurant where people from the upper echelon would frequent despite its

before coming, I went straight to my table after I had arrived at

exuding a classy demeanor as he sat by the window.

took a seat right opposite him and called for the waiter to take my

his brows and a hint of smile fleeted across his face. “How could I

was actually quite rare to catch him with a smile. I pushed the menu toward him. “Has

an eyebrow at my comment and gestured me to order from the menu first. His almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly as

and did not comment further. After skimming through the menu, I ordered a few dishes that I

handing the menu back to the waiter, I sipped on my water. He

I put down the glass of water

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