With a frown, Jared stared straight into my eyes with his obsidian deep-set ones. He was contemplating whether I was being truthful.

I did not fret. I sat quietly as he tried to gauge me.

After some time, he finally spoke. “Sure.”

“Thank you, Dr. Crest.” It was always a pleasure to deal with smart people. Just throw them a look and they would have gotten the gist of it.

After the waiter had served our food, he shot a glance at me again. “Has Ms. Stovall always downplayed your brilliance this way?”

I chuckled at his remark. “Oh, you flatter me. It’s just a small trick to protect myself. Besides, Ashton and I are really not meant for each other anyway. This is a really bad time to have the baby.”

He had a few bites, seemingly pleased with my answer. “When do you plan to leave?”

I was taken aback and locked eyes with him. My plan was to deal with the baby and divorce Ashton. As for leaving J City, I really had no inkling as to where I should be headed at the moment.

He had even gotten the last step of my plan correct.

I paused for a moment, putting down the utensils in my hands. “Maybe in two months’ time. I haven’t decided on the place.”

“Why don’t you consider Q City? I think you’d fit in perfectly there.” He put down his utensils and wiped the corners of his mouth. Maybe he was done eating.

I actually found Q City to be a good suggestion and nodded. “Yes, maybe I should consider that.” Even though Q City was modest in comparison with J City, the pace of life there was slower. If I were to choose someplace where I would spend the rest of my life, Q City was actually a viable option.

I was supposed to foot the bill but he was one step ahead of me. We walked out of the restaurant together and I said, “I owe you one. It’s going to be my treat next time!”

hope you would treat me

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was getting late and I should be heading home. He suddenly

I turned around

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“Does Ashton know?”

and I don’t intend to let him know about it

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noticed that he was in a daze right beside his own car. I figured it was best not to comment about it. I drove back to the


over me. I thought that I would only sign the divorce papers should Ashton ever put a knife to my neck. Never would I have imagined that one day I would willingly sign and hand this

the event of a divorce. He had

at the terms of the divorce. Maybe all along he had been thinking that I had only gotten together with him because of all these, and that there would absolutely no reason for me to refuse to sign the papers if he had given me what he allegedly thought I was


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with his deep dark eyes.

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should I care? He was about to leave anyway. What did it have to do with me if he were to starve

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