He let go of his hand, not exerting any force. However, I felt a searing pain extending from my chin all the way to my heart.

Even my toes were curling from the pain.

I had not yet recovered from getting drenched in the rain. The sudden confrontation and him abruptly letting go of me made me slump into his embrace.

His strong arms from the years of fitness training held me steady. I could clearly feel his muscles flexing as I leaned into his embrace. My energy was running low, and I did not wish to be entangled in a fight with him. So, I closed my eyes.

“Well, someone’s gotten bolder. You even know how to play dead now!” His mocking voice rang in my ears. The anger in his tone was still apparent.

He tapped my cheeks repeatedly, and it was by no means gentle. However, I did not feel well and kept my eyes closed.

Perhaps he had regretted his actions, he carried me and brought me back to the bedroom after noticing that I did not respond.

After he put me on the bed, there were no discernible movements.

I thought he just could not be bothered with me. However, after some time I heard him calling Jared. It sounded like he was asking Jared to come take a look at me.

So, he’s not that heartless after all.

the drowsiness. Still in

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better head back and get some rest.” Ashton sounded quite

actually pitied Jared. He was a renowned doctor after all. How did he actually feel about

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The next day.

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had made an appointment with Caleb the day before and

entrance after she had gotten the news about my appointment today. At the sight of me, she asked in a worried tone, “Are you sure about aborting the baby? Aren’t you going to

was just looking out for me. Smiling, I entered the hospital together with her. “It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry about

doctor for the surgery. I did all the basic prior checkups for the surgery. After getting the green light,

advising me against the abortion. “Mrs. Fuller, even though you’re young, this is going

was time for the surgery. I patted her arm and

a nurse into the operating theater. The doctor was a middle-aged woman, and she tried to calm my nerves. “Mrs. Fuller, we’re going to go with general anesthesia here. You’re going to be unconscious

as she said. It did not take me long before I

on a hospital bed when I

dead eyes again. His thin lips were pursed. The temperature in the room and his cold,

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