I sent Stacey away and returned to the dining table. Eating alone was no fun, but it was already late and I couldn’t be bothered to head out.

After a few bites of dinner, I returned to my bedroom. Ashton wasn’t coming back, nor did I have much else to do, so I spent the past two days reading at home and searching the Internet for some houses in Q City. If I were to live in Q City, I’d have to find at least a place that was decent enough for my child and me.

A sudden phone call made me stop in my tracks. It was Macy. The moment I picked up, my ears rang before I could even speak.

“You damned woman! Did you abort the child?”

It had only been a few days. “Yeah. How did you find out?”

Macy went ballistic. “How did I find out? You have the nerve to still ask me that? Do you even consider me your friend? How could you have done such a thing without even telling me anything?”

There was no refuting this woman when she unleashed her fury. I clutched my slightly throbbing head. “Delaying it would only cause more problems, so I took care of it ASAP. I wanted to tell you about it, but you’ve been busy these days, so I figured I’d wait two more days!”

“Don’t give me that bullsh*t! I’m not against abortion, but don’t you need someone to care for you after the surgery? You never said a word to me about it! What if something happens to you?” Macy was so frantic that she didn’t mince her words.

My heart felt warm knowing that she was worried about me. After letting her give me a long lecture, I finally decided to speak. “I plan to divorce Ashton, Mary. I might leave J City after that. Do you want to leave too?”

chose not to tell her about the child for now—there wasn’t much of a point in doing so by now. Still, I had to tell her about my intentions to move. Macy was now in J City because of me, after

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