The three men who walked out of the meeting room shifted their gazes over to me. With a slight raise of his brows and purse of his thin lips, Jared muttered a few words to Joseph, causing the latter to glance at me before taking his leave.

Ashton’s gaze darkened as he stared at me. I had a feeling that he was about to unleash his wrath on me.

I hurriedly stood up upon thinking about Caleb. “I’m more than willing to compensate for all the losses incurred for the past two days, Mr. Fuller.”

Ashton frowned while remaining silent. Instead, it was Joe who began to cause a stir. “You’re incredible, Ms. Stovall. This is a project worth a few billion, and you’ve managed to incur your own husband a loss of over ten million in just two days! You’re being far too generous!”

His words were dripping with sarcasm.

Seeing Ashton remain silent with a grim look on his face, I rolled my eyes at Joe. “You sure are a nosy one, Mr. Quinn.”

Pfft! Jared stifled his laughter. With his hands in his pockets, he looked on with innocent eyes as though completely uninvolved.

Joe cast him a glare before turning to me, looking dour. “What makes you think you can talk to me like that, Scarlett Stovall?”

I really had no intention of wasting my breath talking to Joe. The guy never had anything nice to say to me because he thought I was always getting in between Ashton and Rebecca.

Quinn? If so, I’m afraid only the likes of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar would have the

his words. “Even a dead man has more right to talk to me than you do!

some matters to discuss. I’ve made a lunch reservation, so let’s head over and

believe you haven’t had lunch either, Ms. Stovall. Why don’t you and Ashton join us

the man left, dragging Joe along

he intended to deal with the matter related to Caleb, I decided to break the ice. “I’m responsible for what happened. I stayed home to recuperate after the surgery and couldn’t stop thinking about the

remained gloomy and silent, so I continued, “I know I’ve caused unimaginable losses to the company. I’d be

Ashton suddenly asked. His voice and

all planned out—now that I had a reason to quit, I could finally leave J

and engulfing me with his frosty presence. “You got rid of the child, signed the divorce papers, and now, you’re about to quit your job. What are you up

began to turn sweaty. I instinctively stepped backward, only to feel Ashton grab me by the waist. “Are you planning to leave J City?” he demanded, glaring

you been wanting to sign the papers? Now that I’ve signed them, you’re finally free to be with Rebecca. What is

my waist tightened. “You know how much I hate it when others

you didn’t want the child.” I frowned, feeling increasingly bewildered. “Rebecca kept using it as leverage, so I figured I’d take things into my own hands instead of being coerced into

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