Before I could respond, the manager from earlier returned with over a dozen male models, stunning me into silence.

“Pick anyone you like. They have every kind of guy imaginable. Don’t you like those domineering Mr. CEO types? Take a look at that man in the suit. He looks just as good as Ashton, doesn’t he?” Macy remarked while choosing a youthful, puppy-like male model.

The model seemed awfully experienced. He walked over to Macy and carefully poured her a glass of wine before placing her hand in his. Macy showed no signs of refuting; she merely leaned into his arms.

My jaw dropped. Did this woman come here often?

No wonder she could never get a boyfriend…

“What are you staring at us for? Hurry up and choose your guy!” Macy urged.

Not knowing what to do at all, I smiled. “I… I’m good.”

Rolling her eyes at me, Macy pointed to the man in the suit. “You stay here and keep her company, then.”

After the other male models left, the man in the suit sat down next to me. I felt especially uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Macy and her guy prepared to leave and have more fun among themselves.

With just the two of us left here, I turned to the man in the suit and said awkwardly, “Uhh… I’m not—”

“You don’t have to explain, Miss. I understand,” the man responded with a grin. “Everyone’s like this the first time. You’ll get used to it.”


I had no words.

tried to strike up a conversation. “What do you usually enjoy doing,

smiled. “I like

give off such a


the club for a long time. Instead, I bumped into a

Rebecca and Joe.

side, and we met while walking on the same

as she saw me, and she turned to Joe.

his head lightly. “Ashton told her to go home while we were at Herb Garden. He didn’t let

up here. They probably didn’t want me tagging along, which was

Joe never had anything nice to say to me,

detail, I answered briefly, “You think too much. I’m

didn’t have the time to stalk Ashton

from head to toe and narrowed her eyes. “Didn’t you just get an abortion? What are you doing in

her, so she has no choice but to find someone else.” Joe never knew when to shut

feeling a wave of anger rise within me. “You should rinse your mouth when you get home, Mr. Quinn. You’re polluting the

liked either of them, so I

met, and you’re getting all smart-mouthed again, huh? Have

and scoffed, “Have you already forgotten that you’ve just lost your child

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