The man’s face instantly darkened, and his eyes turned frosty. Evidently, he was mad.

“Can I help you, Mr. Fuller?” I didn’t feel like I was Ashton’s wife at all here, but rather, an outsider.

The more I felt this way, the more upset I became.

Even the way I gazed at Ashton was full of defiance.

“Apologize.” His tone was completely commanding.

My brows creased as rage consumed me. “Have you lost it, Ashton? Why the hell should I apologize?”

“You pushed her,” he replied grimly in his deep voice.

I pushed her? I laughed in anger. “You should get your eyes checked, Ashton!”

“Scarlett Stovall!” The man immediately addressed me by my full name. “Apologize to her now.”

“And if I don’t?” Suppressing my anger, I glared at him, unafraid of his glacier eyes.

With a frown and purse of his lips, a chilly air engulfed our surroundings. “Macy’s bar seems to be doing a little too well these days, huh?”

I was instantly terrified. How could this man resort to such lowly methods just to get me to apologize to Rebecca?

I looked up at the man

and he had a bit of stubble,

I couldn’t admire that face of his at all. My heart growing

walked over to Rebecca. Suppressing all the wrath

though I had actually

Joe obviously had nothing better to do than to stir things up. “So you think you just have to apologize after hitting someone? In that case, I’ll kill a guy and say sorry, and everything will be fine. Who needs the law, right?” he remarked

Holy sh*t.

again, I resisted the urge to cuss him out. “What else do you want from me?” I

crossed his arms in a matter-of-fact way. “We buddies have a rule—whoever messes up has to apologize sincerely and hold a drinking session

You dipsh*t!

is THAT a way

had been watching the whole time, furrowed

glanced at Ashton instead. “What do

his brows deepened. After a long while,

but everyone

You pretentious little b*tch.

turned to Joe. “So,

walked up to me and

had to be careful since there was another life inside of me. Who knew what would happen if

obviously didn’t want Jared to rain on their parade.

them to

knocked out, Joe ordered ten bottles of whiskey and

can handle this,

I wanted to laugh. Does he think this is

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