After speaking, I lifted my full glass of wine. Resisting the urge to throw up, I chugged down a few glasses in a row. My alcohol tolerance wasn’t that high to begin with. Hence, by the third glass, a dull ache had formed in my lower abdomen.

Jared sensed the change in me and held down my hand. Glancing at Ashton, he said slowly, “Ashton, she’s still your wife now. You know she can’t drink in her current state. It’ll be too late to regret if something happens to her.”

“Let me go!” I was already a little dizzy. Driven by rage and indignance, I pushed Jared’s hand away and reached out to grab a glass of wine.

I was stopped by a powerful grip, right before being pulled into a familiar embrace. Joe stared at Ashton with a bewildered expression. “Ashton?”

“She’s my wife, so I’ll drink the rest!” With that, he finished the remaining amount of wine. As Rebecca watched him, her eyes instantly glowed red.

My stomach felt queasy, the urge to retch surging within me several times, but I was trapped in Ashton’s arms. Thus, I had no choice but to fight through nausea.

Ashton had been polishing off glass after glass for quite some time when Rebecca abruptly stood up and ordered Joe, “Take me home!”

Anger and hurt could clearly be detected in her voice.

Joe looked at Ashton with a conflicted expression, opening his mouth to speak, but no words came. In the end, he trailed after Rebecca and left.

Immediately after, Jared snatched away the wine glass in Ashton’s hand and snapped at him, “If you don’t want anything to happen to her, you’d better take her back now!”

He was referring to me.

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