I was caught off guard by her question, because not once have I ever thought about it. After everything here was settled, my belly would probably get bigger, so it wouldn’t be convenient to look for a job in that state.

“I might take a short break or something.” After the baby was born, I would probably have my hands full, so it would be best to wait until the baby was older to think about this.

“That’s a good idea.” She stayed silent for a while, probably contemplating something. “You’ve suffered so much all these years because of Ashton, so it’s time for you to take a good rest. It’s a good thing I’ve saved enough money for the two of us to spend over the years!”

I burst out laughing. “Don’t worry. I won’t be completely helpless even after Ashton and I divorce. I still have my savings.” The villa was left by Grandpa. Even if Ashton gave it to me after we divorced, I probably wouldn’t sell it away. As for the company shares, I still hadn’t decided what to do with them.

After a few good laughs, we ended the call. I wrapped my arms around myself and leaned against the floor-to-ceiling windows, gazing at the scenery outside.

Indeed, it was time to think about what I wanted to do with my future.

For some inexplicable reason, the air seemed to turn slightly chilly. Rubbing my arms a little, I turned around to look for a coat and was startled to see Ashton standing behind me in a rigid posture.

I was so alarmed my hands instantly turned clammy, “Didn’t… Didn’t you go to the company?” I had no idea how long he had been standing here and how much of my conversation with Macy he had heard.

He obsidian eyes seemed to bore into my soul as he asked in a brooding tone, “Going somewhere?”

His question stunned me, and I guessed that he must have heard some of our conversation. “What do you mean?” I feigned cluelessness with a guilty conscience.

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