Unwittingly, I had stayed in Ashton’s study until the sky turned dark. I couldn’t tell if it was because of my pregnancy, but I didn’t feel hungry even after not having anything to eat for the whole day, but my stomach did feel uncomfortable.

I went downstairs and rummaged through the kitchen cabinets for something to eat. Fortunately, Stacey stocked up enough food previously. After some time, I spotted some cucumbers in the refrigerators. Since I was too lazy to cook, I simply washed some cucumbers and planned to eat that as my dinner.

I didn’t notice Ashton returning to the villa. It wasn’t until I walked out with a slippery cucumber in hand that I saw him sitting in the living room.

When did he come back?

Sensing my presence, Ashton turned his head, his eyes instantly zooming in on the cucumber in my hand. A frown appeared on his face as he asked in a gruff voice, “What do you plan on doing with that?”

I was baffled, and answered in a matter-of-fact manner, “Eat it, of course!” What else can I do with this besides eating it?

Ashton scoffed. “Did I fail to satisfy you? Is that why you’ve resorted to using that?”


I couldn’t quite grasp where he was going with this. What does he mean by “using that”?

He stood up and approached me with a brooding look on his face. I couldn’t figure out what was up with him, so I raised the cucumber in my hand and asked, “Do you want one?” I just so happened to wash two cucumbers just now.

Ashton’s gaze turned stormy as he growled, “No!” Before I knew it, he had snatched the cucumber in my hand and thrown it aside. His hand wrapped around my waist, while the other hand reached up to my lips, grazing them with his fingertips.

No matter how slow-witted I was, I still realized what he wanted to do right now. I instinctively tried to make a run for it, but his arm was holding me firmly in place. In a deep and husky voice, he said, “It’s already been a few days. We should be in the clear now!”

the logic

up to try and push him away. Unfortunately, he overpowered me as a

against my belly,

I gasped halfway through

a miscarriage, so he couldn’t touch her, and the same was true for me. Hence, I could understand why

to panic. “Ashton, the doctor said to abstain for


heard the plea in my voice, because he gradually stopped what he was doing. Without a word, he hugged

he finally calmed his raging hormones and released me.

embarrassed because of how loud my stomach had growled. With a slight nod, I cracked a smile that looked more like a

from just now. He transferred his gaze back to me, a complicated expression

cooking because of the smoke and grease, so I washed

at me as the corners of his mouth tugged upward slightly, as if he was smiling

passed before he went into the kitchen. After a while, he came out with a bowl of noodles. He even added

way I was gaping at him, he cocked a brow at me and said, “Come and eat!” Although it was an order, it didn’t sound

to me earlier today surfaced in my mind. If I come clean with Ashton, will he really handle this

up and sat at the dining table. Noticing that Ashton had only cooked

eat. Then, he

but after only a few bites of it, my stomach started

to endure the discomfort for a while, but could no longer suppress the nausea rising in my stomach and began to dry heave. Without a second’s delay,

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