He strode toward me with a displeased look on his face. “Scarlett, is this how you were brought up?”

I raised my head when he grabbed my wrist, my eyes colliding with his icy ones. As we stared at each other, a humorless smile abruptly stretched across my lips. “You’re talking to me about upbringing? Ashton Fuller, what exactly is your version of a good upbringing? Taking care of another woman in front of your own wife and completely disregarding her feelings? Is that it?”

Ignoring the grim expression on his face, I sneered. “Do you mean to say that Rebecca is a cultured person? She brazenly covets another woman’s husband and has no qualms being a homewrecker. Just how were you brought up that made you have such different views about a good upbringing compared to me?”

“Scarlett!” His hand on my wrist tightened. The veins on his forehead bulged out as he forced his next words through gritted teeth. “You should feel lucky that I don’t hit women.”

I huffed out a laugh, enduring the bone-crushing pain on my wrist as I looked at him. “How kind of you, Mr. Fuller. But can you do me a favor and let go of me? Grabbing a woman’s wrist so hard is no different than hitting a woman.”

Ashton was so angry that he looked like he might pop a vein any second now. Fortunately, he flung my hand away. “Don’t act like you know Rebecca. You’re not worthy of judging her!” His voice was harsh.

He swiveled around, emanating an impossibly cold aura.

I’m not worthy? His words struck a nerve in me. All my pent-up anger and frustration poured out of me in raging torrents. I stormed toward him and yanked his arm, cracking a smile that didn’t reach my eyes. “Yes, you’re right. I’m not worthy. In terms of hypocrisy, indeed, I can’t compare to Rebecca. In fact, how could I ever compare to the bunch of you since playing on other people’s feelings isn’t my forte? As if that isn’t revolting enough, you lot just can’t help yourselves from spreading your filth to others.”

Having said that, I ignored the anger radiating off him and went back into the restaurant. Rebecca and Joe were still sitting at the same table.

Upon seeing me return, Rebecca plastered a fake smile on her face and called out to me in a pretentious tone, “Scarlett…”

a look that could kill, I poured all the food and soup I had ordered

you became a b*tch who loves stealing things that clearly don’t belong to you, but let me tell you something, hmm? Karma is a b*tch, and all your evil deeds will come back and bite you in the a**

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