He choked out, “She was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to handle the blow of her passing so soon after the loss of your child. Hence, she asked me to raise the child for half a year first before telling you.”

In the short span of a year, I had experienced the woes of grief. I kept my gaze locked on the ceiling. My eyes hurt and my vision was slightly blurry. However, no words fell from my lips.

After a period of silence, I finally found my voice and asked, “Who told her about me?”

She had been pregnant. In the month after my incident, I stayed with Marcus. During that time, I had attempted to take my life through various methods.

Marcus was busy taking care of me and did not have time for anyone else. Given his character, if I hadn’t insisted on seeing Macy, he would not have sought her out on his own, much less provoke her intentionally.

Such an evil deed…

“It was Jared’s assistant Kristina!” He blurted, his tone cold.


I frowned and thought about the well-dressed young lady. The same young lady that had been humiliated by Rebecca at Imperial Hotel.


Jackson nodded. “She went to see Macy. I’m not clear on what exactly transpired between them, but Macy’s mood soured after their conversation. Just as Macy was about to leave, she said to never tell Jared about the child.”

Never tell Jackson about the child?

I stopped speaking. In life, one needed to be at least a little fierce. If you show how weak you are from the beginning, everyone will zero in on you as prey who could be easily taken advantage of.

I went back to staring at the ceiling with a blank expression. He called out softly to me,

“I’m fine!”

said to Stacey, “You might need to

momentarily stupefied

nodded back at her. “Thank

don’t need to thank me. It’s the least I can do!”

for helping her

Unfortunately, my body still hurt

few days!” He saw how I was trying to get up and helped me before he continued. “It’s almost spring. Letty, promise me you’ll

to go back to K City for a while. I still have some work to do there. Once I’m done, I’ll come back to

slightly. “Can’t it wait till a

my godfather. I have to go because

“Louis Stovall?”

I nodded. “Yes!”



his lips and remained

for you to come back

I asked him, “The child… Does she

shook his head. “We were waiting for you to name her. Macy’s instructions were

a vein throbbed in my temple. It was painful to speak. “Is it a boy or a

“A girl!”

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