Invincible Heir

Chapter 46 Tragedy of the Scott family

“Yes, Chairman!” Camel replied hurriedly. “Will there be anything else?"

“Actually, there is one more thing. The Scott family should be punished, but don't overdo it. Get it?” Baron said. This was the promise he had made to Tracy.

Then, Baron hung up and drove off.

Edric stepped out of the Perry Group with the barely suppressed anger in his eyes. “Baron, you little worthless piece of crap! Who the hell do you think you are? If it weren't for framing Waldo, I would never apologize to you!” Said Edric with a sneer.

And then someone came to his mind. He dialed the guy immediately. “Karson, I need your help!”

“You want to lift the lockdown of your places, don’t you?” It seemed that Karson had known what was happening on the Scott family.

“Karson, since you already knew the story, I'll get straight to the point. Could you help me to get through this crisis? As long as I win the head of the Scott family, I will cooperate with you. By that time, the top four families in Cona will be not that big a deal for us,” said Edric quickly. He was frank to admit his ambition to Karson.

But Karson sighed very deeply this time. “Edric, as of right now, there's not much I can do. To be honest, I tried, but it didn't work. You messed with the wrong guy. They threw me out when I even mentioned the Scott family.”

“What?!” Edric looked astonished. “Even you can't help me?”

It was only then that Edric realized that the Scott family was in very, very big trouble. He tried to figure out who had the strength to do those things. Even Karson could not do anything for him.

Edric looked back at the whole story to find out the big guy. Of course, Baron wasn't on his mind.

All of the members of the Scott family gathered in the courtyard.

Edmund was sitting there, worry written on his face. Just then his phone rang.

When he picked up, a voice came from the other end of the phone, “Mr. Scott, good news! From this day forward, all our places, apart from Royal Hotel, Scorpion Club, Scepter Club, will be unblocked!”

the phone, everyone around asked with anxious expressions, “What? What is

He nodded, “Yes,

Scott family

Awesome, Edric! He can do

of course! He is the heir to

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Edmund’s face was dark with anger, because

had no choice but to declare that Edric was the heir to the Scott family. Or else, his son, Waldo, would

Apart from himself, no one knew that Edric was not his biological son. He was the result of

and her bastard, because it concerned the whole family’s reputation

absorbed in his memories. It was

the heir! We're out of this crisis,

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I believe you will create a

soon as Edric came into the room, he became the center

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and donned a look of humility. “Oh, thanks. As our

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Edmund pretended to like this son who

going to live a long life,” he

stayed up all night, and now everything's fine. You all should go

Edric, Edmund asked him, “why haven't you

was hurt badly, so I got him to the hospital as

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