It Was You

Chapter 912 Dead Men Tell No Tales

After a moment's silence, Arthur suddenly asked, "I just heard from you that your husband fell and injured on the construction site?"

The middle-aged woman seemed to finally find someone to talk about. She chattered, "Yes, since Paola left, his father went to the police station often. So he was fired by the original company. We don't have any education and it's difficult to find a job, so we have to go to the construction site to find a part-time worker. 4 years ago, his father fell down from the construction site, but our boss said that we were temporary workers, so he didn't pay for it. Our savings were used up not long ago. At first, we even borrowed some money from relatives. Later, our relatives also avoided us. His father was stubborn. He was busy with investigating the case, while going to the construction site..."

She had never said a word of bitterness from beginning to end. Even though they had experienced many vicissitudes of life, they could only swallow all the grievances bitterly, because they still had to live.

Arthur's thin lips tightened into a straight line. After a long time, he coughed and said, "Well, please wait here for a moment. I'll go to get something for you. Don't leave."

He was afraid that once the middle-aged woman left, he couldn't find her.

The middle-aged woman kept nodding for a while. No one knew what she was thinking, or she hadn't trusted that the murderer of her daughter was really punished.

Arthur walked quickly to his office. It were Bettina and the others on duty today. When Arthur entered the office, he raised his voice and said, "Take out all the cash with you!"

Hearing this, Bettina and the others were confused.

Even so, they still took out all their cash, but because the mobile phone payment was too popular and developed, no one brought too much cash with them. After search, they only found more than 5000 dollars.

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