It Was You

Chapter 918 Who Incited You To Send It

"HMM... What's this?" Only then did Cassandra realize that there seemed to be something long under her buttocks.

Martin raised his hand, gently rubbed her head and said, "It's for you."

Cassandra's eyes lit up. She immediately took out the long box from her bottom and couldn't wait to open it. She thought it was an antique, calligraphy, painting, necklace or jewelry, but when she opened it, there was a brightly colored... brocade flag!

Seeing this, Cassandra thought in her mind, 'What the hell is this?

It is so weird!'

She swallowed and smiled awkwardly, "My sweetheart... Who incited you to send it?"

Martin replied, "Robert."

Martin saw that Cassandra didn't like it and was unhappy. For a moment, he betrayed Robert.

Speechless, Cassandra rubbed between her eyebrows and opened the brocade flag. The flag was different from the ones hung in ordinary stores. The handwriting on it was vigorous and powerful, probably made by famous master. Moreover, there was a row of diamond on it.

The light in the car was flickering, and it took Cassandra a long time to see it clearly. There were words on the top of the flag: the future can be expected.

"Don't you like it?" Martin asked.

Cassandra's expression was a little complicated, but she didn't stop talking and said, "I like it! I like all the gifts from you..."

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Martin's face. He gently kissed her forehead with his thin lips and said

a while, and director Johnny's play is about to be finished. As an assistant director, it's time for me to pay attention to my own play... Sweetheart, by the way, why hasn't my master Greyson come back

in the front row, and he couldn't help but pause. The car didn't obviously stop for a while. Fortunately, he

light flashed in Martin's eyes, but it disappeared in a flash. "He has a heavy task this time and can't come back now. With Todd's

"Well, I was about to say that we would wait for him to come back. We can

that her master Greyson would

of silence,

Martin with her dark eyes and asked, "By the way, has Mr. Arthur made any progress? Has he found the

she couldn't remember who Nathaniel was, but she always felt that his identity was not simple. It was

to worry about it. I'll handle it," said Martin, hiding

in his words, so she

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day, Cassandra received a call from Lenny. He said that the matter she had entrusted him to investigate had been found out

knuckles were slightly pale. She had been busy with other things these days, and she deliberately did not think of the death of her grandmother. However, there were some things that were ultimately thorns that could not

the police station in West City

saw Lenny leaning against the door with a cigarette in

honest, she also wanted to be a second generation rich

car and waved at Lenny. Lenny stubbed out the cigarette and threw it into the trash

that someone was

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