It Was You

Chapter 919 Does Marcus Have A Girlfriend

"I can have given these materials to you in private, but..." Lenny's face froze and his heart sank slowly to the bottom of the valley. "When I investigated this matter, I accidentally found a surveillance video, and the video materials were all in it. Before the incident, Cassandra had met a mysterious person who had been well hidden, but he was accidentally exposed by a convex lens on a nearby road. I took a picture of him getting on and off the car. If I'm not mistaken, that man... The man is Nathaniel who to took away the things in the locker of the Skyriver Building."

It was Nathaniel again!


Where did she meet him!

Cassandra lowered her eyes and said in silence, "That is to say, whether Susan colluded with those people or not, it was indeed her who killed Grandma."

Wouldn't Susan feel guilty and scared when she brought the soup to her grandma?

The Yan Clan brought her up since she was a child. Evan loved her very much, and even sacrificed everything for her. She was the apple in his eyes. Why could she kill an old woman who was weak without mercy?


In the pas, she just wanted to take revenge on Susan for the blood debt that hurt her in her previous life. After her Rebirth, she stepped on an unknown path step by step like a brave hero. She even wanted to give up her revenge on Susan and Roger because of Martin. But why did Susan not only regret, but also make it worse?

Lenny said calmly, "I'm sure that Susan is on the same side with them. Otherwise, she won't be able to get the signed will and share transfer agreement of Mrs. Lynn. I don't know how they came to Susan, but I have a suggestion."

in her dark eyes. Blood streaks entangled her eyes, and she

their side, last time you went against her openly, and Hogan was on your side, she should suspicious about the people over there. As long as she can't get the Yan Group, she will contact them again, or they will take

asked, "Do you mean to force them to show up

great importance to interests. If these evidences fall into the hands of the police, once she becomes

the source

to be trampled underfoot by Cassandra, so she chose to take the risk even though she knew it was a disaster. She wanted to take back everything of the Yan Clan from

to took revenge for her grandmother. She wouldn't take Susan's life.

the scenes and no matter how much she had to pay for it, she would

grip gradually and said in a hoarse voice, "Okay, I promise you, but I have

head, Lenny asked, "What

she said word by word in a low voice, "I want her to live to repay the sins she

thought that Cassandra wanted Susan to die, but he didn't expect that she would put forward such a condition.

someone will do it secretly. After all, in the hearts of those outlaws, nothing is more reliable than death. Well, I'll be extra careful about this. We will detain her separately from others and let our own

him to be your temporary assistant. Mr.

there would be one or two more in the local government from time

Last time when I encountered the matter of Eugene, I felt that the fighting capacity of these people around me was a little weak. But I can't make it a big deal now, so I can't apply for more people from the high-ups. You can let

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