It Was You

Chapter 920 Live To Death

At the headquarter building of the Lu Group in the capital city.

Standing carefully in front of Martin's desk, Carlos said in a slightly low voice, "Master, according to the comparison results of Mr. Arthur, this Brent, whose original name is Dayton, is indeed a wanted criminal. He committed a crime of murdering the life of a family of five. It is said that... It is said that he killed five members of the family just because of a small quarrel. This kind of beast is simply unreasonable."

Martin didn't seem to be surprised. He lowered his eyes slightly and said, "If Dayton is an escaped criminal, then it wouldn't be a coincidence that the club he runs has gathered Hugh and the others there. Arrange someone to investigate it immediately. Don't alert the enemy."

"I've sent someone to investigate it. Master, I have a bad feeling."

Martin looked up, "What?"

Carlos hesitated for two seconds and said, "I always feel that there is a big conspiracy behind it. Who the hell are they? How could they have such a great power? We have investigated secretly for so many years, but we can still only have a touch on the tip of the iceberg. Master, I'm afraid that if I continue to investigate, it will hurt you and sister-in-law."

What Carlos said was also what worried Martin the most. For him, he had never thought that he would end up well since he decided to investigate the truth of the past. He had no intention of getting away safely, even if he would die with those people in the end, he would not complain.

But what should Cassandra do?

If anything happened to him, how could Cassandra live alone?

Martin rubbed between his eyebrows, and there was a slight ripple in his deep eyes. He said slowly, "That's why I asked the boy to go to the police station. Even if those who hide in the darkness are not afraid of death, they have to consider the police and dare not attack easily."

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Carlos realized why Martin suddenly began to contact with Arthur. Originally, Martin had chosen a dead end, and the final result was to put his life in danger. But for the sake of

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stunned. His pupils shrank slightly, and he almost blurted out. "Master, do you mean that the manipulator behind the scenes chose

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lit a cigarette. He swallowed and said, "Master, you mean... It was Mr. Walter! How could it be possible? Mr. James was brought up by

had never dreamed that there was such a hidden relationship here. If the person who killed Watson was really Walter, then he would train James to stand on


quietly on the sofa, Martin seemed to be covered with a layer of invisible frost. After a while, he said word by word,

to be a man of great power, and his strength was on par with Johnson at his peak. In the past, the two of them were in a fierce battle. Johnson had died, and Walter was now weak and far away from the Lu Clan, so even Martin ignored

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