It Was You

Chapter 922 You Already Have The Answer

"What did you say? I don't understand," said Brent with a smile. "Oh, I forgot to tell you that my left ear was once beaten to deaf, so my hearing is not very good."

Bettina had already guessed that the jerk was going to make trouble, so she handed the prepared hearing aid to Brent. After putting on the hearing aid, he pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and smiled, "Thank you, Miss Bettina. You are the most beautiful policewoman I have ever seen."

Bettina was usually treated as a brother by a group of men. Sometimes when she was busy, she even forgot that she was a woman. When she heard this kind of hypocritical praise, she was very happy.

Bettina clear her throat and knocked on the table. "Be serious. Can you cooperate with our investigation now? What's your name? Do you know why we brought you here for questioning?"

Brent nodded, fiddled with the handcuffs with his slender fingers, and replied, "My name is Brent, and my original name is Dayton. I don't know why you brought me here for inquiry. Miss Bettina, I have a mental illness history. Maybe I did something wrong under the condition of mental disorder, but I don't know afterwards. Did I do anything wrong again?"

The blue veins on Bettina's forehead throbbed. She knew that it would be strange if Dayton was willing to confess everything honestly. Because of the bad nature of the case, all the relevant information was sent here. One of the information was the mental illness history of Dayton, including some treatment records.

According to the law of H Country, a mental patient would not be held criminally responsible for a crime. At most, he would only be forcibly sent to a mental hospital for isolation treatment.

Bettina took out two photos from the document file and put them in front of Dayton. "Do you know the two middle school students in the photos?"

Dayton took the photo and examined it carefully for a long time. Then he shook his head and said, "I don't know them. Who are they?"

the legal punishment by pretending to have a mental illness. Open your eyes and see clearly. You killed these two middle school students. You first raped and killed this female student, and

didn't change at all. He leaned forward slightly, with undisguised madness in his dark eyes. He stared at Bettina and said innocently, "Miss Bettina, I don't pretend anything. And I did not kill

'Damn you!

know that induced confession can't be used as evidence. Then who gives you the courage to

unprecedented tsunami. If it weren't for the crime of murder, she really wanted to strangle the

that she couldn't control the primitive power in her body, Rolf carefully pulled the corner of Bettina's clothes. Bettina glared at him and said,

Rolf was speechless...

am I? Where am I? Why are


if you don't admit it. Then you won't deny the case of a family of five being exterminated by you twelve years ago, will you? Don't tell me that you also

smile in his dark eyes under the glasses. He said, "I

was the first time for Bettina to

the case you committed twelve year ago? There is no contradiction between them. I'd like to hear how you

truth and false. From a criminal psychology point of view, he just wanted to buy time

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