"Was she dead of an injury?"

Jacob's gaze landed on the beautiful lady again.

Then, he turned to Elsa, "Elsa, do you feel something?"

Elsa nodded.

"She ... she seems to be calling me...."

Elsa replied.

Her gaze was fixed on Ullr.

"Then you go."

Jacob nodded.

He was a little worried that Ullr might had not been really dead. He had been afraid that she might want to seize Elsa's soul.

However, after seeing her, Jacob was certain that this lady had died with her soul dissipated.


She was indeed powerful enough to set up a sect since she had reached the Divine Sea Realm.

Especially in some remote places, even Incarnation Phase cultivators could be called virtuosos.

However, it was really confident of her to call herself by a name of a god.


With Jacob's consent, Elsa walked over.

When she got close to the spirit spring, she stopped. Gazing at Ullr not far away, she whispered, "Hello, Ullr. What can I do for you?"

Elsa stared at Ullr without blinking.

Even though she herself was a beauty, she couldn't help but be attracted by the beauty of Ullr.

She really looked like a fairy.

With Elsa's words, Ullr remained motionless.

However, a ball of light suddenly rose from the spirit spring.

It flew straight towards Elsa.

Jacob had already noticed it. There was no danger. And it was actually the inheritance of Ullr.

Therefore, he did not stop it.

Seeing Jacob motionless, Elsa just let the ball of light rush towards her.

Then, it directly entered into Elsa's forehead.

Suddenly, a tremble ran down Elsa's spine.

A wisp of cloudiness flashed in her beautiful eyes. Immediately after, her calmness returned, and she closed her eyes.

Then, she sat down cross-legged.

Staring at Elsa's back, Jacob narrowed his eyes.

then did he realize that Elsa looked somewhat like

as pretty as Ullr, their eyes looked pretty alike. And


here and

A long while later.

suddenly opened

I ... I think

a little


in her mind. She could not be a martial artist,




touched Jacob's mouth. In the blink of an eye, Elsa had reached

now on the verge of

known that Elsa, who was unable to be a martial artist, had become a Would-be Virtuoso in the blink

of an eye was that she had accepted the inheritance of Ullr. In addition, she was at the edge of the sprit spring, and nourishing mana here was extremely dense. During this process, she had absorbed a large amount of nourishing mana from

was not


was the inheritance of Jacob, the Emperor of the Dark Realm, Elsa

that you may

Jacob stated.

of joy


really worshiped

Hand of

Shaan almost killed

fact that her grandfather had been assassinated in the past, and it

Elsa seemed to be

don't want to be as

was probably no match for

Reyes is truly invincible.

Phase virtuosos alone, and he was also the hero who killed Olaf in three moves. He


hall, Shaan, who was concentrating


He then continued to absorb himself in the ancient book in

several books, this was the only


get any other information

Jacob asked.

a moment and shook her

didn't want to disappoint

actually didn't

flashed across her pretty face. "Although there is nothing else besides the cultivation, I have a feeling that Ullr may not

added, "Perhaps her Yuan Shen

Elsa had understood some words about the cultivation world. So, she

Yuan Shen?

Jacob's eyes lit.

perished, her body still carried

Sea Realm virtuoso was unable to form Yuan

Divine Sea Realm. Then, even if his body was destroyed, his Yuan Shen could still exist

would still dissipate if it couldn't

was a high possibility that Ullr's Yuan Shen had not

will spread

time, he used a secret technique to carefully investigate the Ullr Palace, especially the Ullr Hall. But he did

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