Julian's Stand in Wife

Julian's Stand in Wife

Authors:South Wind Dialect
Num Chapters:1041
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Chapter 1041

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CP: Diana Winnington and Julian Fulcher novel

The novel Julian's Stand in Wife is about Diana Winton who has just received the good news that she is pregnant after three years of living with her husband Julian Fulcher. But when she was about to tell her husband, she received a lightning strike that Julian demanded a divorce because Julian's ex had returned. V. Diana was shocked and in pain, took the pregnancy test paper in her hand and walked out of the house....

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please update daily, i want to ask how many chapter this story i hope its that long. long story keeps dragging and got boring we prepared short story.


The novel Julian's Stand in Wife by South Wind Dialect is a roller coaster of romance for its readers.

Although intriguing, the way the book is executed leaves something to be desired. Better editing will have some grammar mistakes. However, the author's compelling style keeps readers turning the page until the end.

Unfortunately, Julianne's character is a disappointment. He harms Dianna, the mother of his children, in his quest to find Kayla. It was too late for him to change his ways even after discovering Kayla's true intentions. After what he's done, it's hard to expect him to be happy and free of guilt. The plots are well developed, the characters are layered, and the writing is interesting in both books.

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Julian's Stand in Wife

Julian's Stand in Wife

1041 Chapters

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