Keep you in my arms

Chapter89 Angela, Don't Make Me Wait Too Long

After all, he had worked for Mr. Edward for so many years, and Lucas had also seen his family. The beautiful woman holding Secretary Angela's hands was Mr. Edward's mother, and the wife of the President of the entertainment company, the giant EVA group!

In Lucas's opinion, this was exactly the harmonious scene that Mr. Edward and Secretary Angela were living happily together while his mother came to talk about family affairs with his future daughter-in-law!

"Why are you here?" Edward didn't like his mother's sudden visit, and he didn't know what she had talked with Angela.

Seeing her son frown, Anna felt a little aggrieved: "I'm here to see Hilda!"

To see Hilda? Everyone knew that Hilda was on a business trip. He was afraid that his mother had already tell Angela how many grandsons she wanted.

Upon hearing this, Edward walked over, took Angela's hand and said: "your wound hasn't healed yet. Go back to your room and have a rest!"

His attitude towards Anna was like seeing a tiger, fearing that Angela, a little sheep, would be swallowed. Angela was a little confused: "I just woke up..."

"The patient needs more rest. You need more sleep and then you will recover soon!" Said Edward.

Anna felt even more aggrieved when her own son was so wary of her in front of others, but after all, she was also his mother! "I just held your wife's hand. Why were you so wary of your own mother? I'm not a stepmother!"

Wife? When did she become his wife?


Angela wanted to say that she was not her daughter-in-law, but Edward had already refuted his mother: "if you don't want the Yan Family to have no descendants, don't do anything strange."

Anna always used his birthday and birth-hour looked for the appropriate girl. As long as she saw him smiling at a young woman, Anna would take this woman as her future daughter-in-law. She would contact the girls without his permission and do strange things with them.

This was something his mother would definitely do!

came here in advance to make friends with Angela, didn't I? I don't want to make things difficult for you if you have a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law relationship

Edward. How could she even


Edward said coldly: "you think too much. Even if we get married, you don't have much time to get along with each other. There is no possibility

room and locked the door. Angela wanted to stop him and explain to them that she didn't have that

door, he asked: "did my mother say anything

What do you mean by 'even if we get married, you don't have much time to get along with each other'?

you are doing academic research, you must be very

college and do the academic research, there is indeed no time... Wait? incorrect! My academic performance has

almost tricked

to push him away from the door. "Get out of the way! I have to explain to her! In case she mistakenly

he went back to the company just now, he saw a bunch of flowers on Angela's desk. He asked Yvonne: "what's wrong with these

and didn't come to work, flowers have been sent here

it from the same person?" He raised

be. The one who sent the flowers

eyebrows again and said:

displeasure and murderous look in

strong that it pollutes the air." Then

she was, muttered: "the fragrance of flowers pollutes the air? It's the first time I've

were very simple, all within his sight. Before he met Chuck, he didn't feel anxious. As soon as he saw someone staring at his prey, he could no longer restrain himself. He was not as calm

and she was also anxious. She turned her head and

angry eyes, she suddenly

back hit the wall and she had nowhere to retreat, his shoes touched hers. Because both of them were wearing slippers, the two of them lightly touched each other's toes. All of a sudden, she felt as if she had got an electric shock. Her blood flowed quickly in her

head, and his breath sprayed on her face intentionally or unintentionally. It was so soft and itchy that she

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