Leap OF Fate

Chapter 86

Serene felt an arm hug her from behind and a chin rested on her shoulder. Definitely not one of her twins. She sleepily turned around to look at the person and saw Mary’s clear face.

She had not been answering her calls for the past week; it drove her crazy.

As if knowing what was in her mind, Mary softly said, “I’m sorry, Mama Bear,” and she hid her face on her neck.

“I’m the one who should be sorry. You received all that shit from protecting me and my children. Forgive me?” she pulled her friend away to look her in the eyes.

“Shen, you don’t need to apologize. Yes, Justin was a big and mean bully for doing that to me, but I don’t regret protecting you and those adorable munchkins.” she smiled up at her. “But you shouldn’t have risked your safety by rushing right in the lion’s mouth,” she said sternly while poking her finger on her friend’s forehead.

“Admit it, that was brave of me, huh?” she teased her friend.

“Nuh-uh, Ms. Ellis,” she waved her index finger in front of her. “What you did was stupid, not brave. That asshole could have followed you here!”

“I know. It scared me too. Did he bother Susie? I used her restaurant to escape,” she asked, guilt written on her face.

“He can try! Susie will just kill him with kindness.” she said and smiled at her friend, who still looked worried. “Relax, Shen. He did nothing to Susie and I think he won’t bother you for some time because he’s got his hands full.”

Serene’s brows knit but did not open her mouth to ask. Mary got up from the bed and took the tablet from her bag. She swiped and scrolled through the screen before giving it to her.

A news article showed on the crystal display. The article featured a pixilated photo of a woman in what appeared to be in the middle of a sex act with two men. The article named the woman as Crystal Smith, the Jewelry Heiress and fiancée of tycoon Justin Rain. Apart from the photographed threesome, the article mentioned she also used drugs.

Serene covered her mouth with her hand and looked at her friend in horror. “Is-is this true?” She asked the obvious to which Mary just answered with an eye roll. “I mean, she’s not framed, is she?”

“I don’t think so, Shen. Her drug use is an open secret in the industry.”

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