Leap OF Fate

Chapter 90

Justin picked Serene up from the hotel she stayed in. There was no longer a need to hide from him since she needed to work with him to rescue her children. She sat in the front passenger seat while he drove.

Justin looked concentrated on his driving, but he’s biting the inside of his cheeks from anger. The hotel where she and her children stayed was only a couple of blocks away from Hotel Le Grande. She always hid in plain sight, it made him look stupid already.

He pushed his anger aside and concentrated on the issue at hand. The kidnappers gave him the location of the meeting. It’s an abandoned warehouse near the pier. They instructed them to leave the money beside a trash can near the entrance.

Justin got off the car and did exactly that. After dropping a huge duffle bag beside the trash, he walked away and got in his car.

Inside the car, he and Serene waited in suspense. Their eyes glued to the duffle bag. After a while, a man approached the trash can. A mask covered his face except for his eyes. He picked up the bag and looked at the contents. After being satisfied with his inspection, he took out his phone and seemed to talk to somebody.

After ending his call, he carried the heavy bag on his shoulder towards a car near the exit. A minute after he had driven off, Justin’s phone rang.

“Justin here,” he answered. His voice did not register any trace of the agitation he felt. Serene watched him with her big, round eyes.

“Is that them?” Serene asked after his brief conversation.

“It’s Joseph. The twins are in Rain International. A van dropped them off there and sped away.” he explained and drove away.

Serene couldn’t help but cry, feeling relieved that her children were now safe. She chewed on her lips as she looked outside the window.


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