Leap OF Fate

Chapter 92

Serene’s incoming call cut off their conversation.

“Al,” Serene answered her call while getting up from her seat and walking away from the dining table.

“How are the twins? Bryan told me what happened.”

“They’re safe now, a little shook but safe.”

“That’s good. Are you at Justin’s?”


“That’s fine, Shen. He’s the children’s father. After all these years, and all that has happened, don’t you think it’s time for the twins to know him?”

“I don’t know, Al.”

“Hey, it’s just my ten cents, Shen. In the end, it’s your call. By the way, if you have time, come down to Pine City. Susie thought it’s a good idea to open a food park that features Ellis Inc.’s products. Opening is this weekend. Bring Justin, if you want.”

When she came back to the dining table, the three were no longer there but were playing in the indoor pool. The twins’ laughter filled the villa.

“Mom!” Pax exclaimed soon as he saw her. “Dad’s teaching us to swim.”

“Didn’t you already know how to?” she inquired.

“Yeah, but it’s fun swimming with him!”

“Yeah, mom, swim with us,” Felicity chimed as she swam in her direction.

home, now. Come

met Dad today,” Felicity complained, her

with him, Mom?” Pax

babe. Next time,

followed Serene’s words. Justin, like his children, got out of the pool

stay cooped in the hotel,

her best to focus her attention away from Justin. Serene kept her eyes trained on the window,

thoughts. Her mind admonished her for lowering her guard towards Justin. It reminded her of the sufferings she’s been through because of him. While her heart told her how she missed and loved the man in the

a dad now,” Felicity


did not find our Dad today, I would ask Kenny to share one of

I like

Uncle Chester.

Uncle Bryan is gentler. Remember, he stayed


raise his brows as he listened to the conversation. Serene, too. She did not think that her children wanted to have a father so much. She thought she was doing well in providing them the love and attention they needed. All these years, she thought, the twins felt loved enough that


to understand what

Bryan would be a

“Maybe. I don’t know.”

she pick Bryan to be the father of her children if it were possible? His grip on the steering wheel

spoke throughout the trip. A veil

ran to their playroom. They were away for some time; they missed their

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