Leap OF Fate

Chapter 96

Serene and Justin were co-parenting for the past six months, and it had been a bliss so far. Every Friday night, he’d have dinner with Serene and the twins at her place. After dinner, he would take the children with him. They agreed weekends were his, but he preferred to spend Sundays as a family. They would go to parks, museums, or hang out either at his place or hers. He would then drive Serene and the children back to her place at Hyacinth Bay.

As for the two of them, they’re building trust at their own pace. Serene’s more open with him, although he wished she’d be more affectionate. He missed holding her and feeling her close to him.

It’s Friday night. Justin would come over for dinner before driving back to his place with the twins. Serene finished cooking, but Justin has not arrived yet.

Felicity and Pax sat in front of the television. She’s busy coloring her book while Pax is playing on a tablet. Looking outside the window, the rain has not stopped, it even got stronger. The trees outside swayed as the heavy winds blew on them. She heard the wind’s whistles and the anger pitter-patter of the rain against the glass window. Justin should have arrived 30 minutes ago. She called his number to check on him, but all she got was an automated voice prompt.

She sat on the couch to watch the news and divert her attention. All it showed were the flooding and some landslides in the outskirts of the city. Her heart thumped louder as time passed by.

The chime of the doorbell felt like music to her ears. She rushed towards the door to open it. Justin stood there drenched. His long hair clung to his neck and dripped water to his upper body.

“I’m sorry, I’m late. My tire busted, I had to change it on my way here,” Justin said, giving her an apologetic smile.

“Hurry, come in. You’re soaked. Come upstairs, I’ll prepare your bath, so you won’t get sick,” she said in a single breath. “Pax, give Dad a towel, will you, dear?” she ordered, which Pax obliged. She then hurried to the master’s bedroom and prepared the tub for a warm bath.

Justin stood at the bathroom door, still dripping with rainwater.

“What are you standing there for, go take a bath or you’ll get sick,” Serene said, looking worried.

“En.” He said and walked inside. Serene took it as her cue to get out and gave him privacy.

help but smile when he saw a change of clothes lined up on top of the bed. It was like when they were living together in Hyacinth Bay. Her small acts of love

at the dining table when he arrived. He took the seat

put a cup of piping hot brewed tea in front of him. He blew on it

outside. When they finished eating, he sat with the children in front of

and Pax watched financial news. Justin noticed Pax’s inclination towards markets and taught him how

“Justin,” she called him.

He said and peeled his eyes off the program they’re

be on the road

outside the window, then

up and change into their pajamas.

of them to sleep, Serene had a quick conference call. She left Justin watching the

Justin stood in front of the window watching the strong winds outside. She walked towards him and stood quietly beside

to mind, all involved Justin getting hurt. She felt

She felt her heart throb in her chest as she looked at him. On

looked at him with her wide and bright eyes.

He did not know how to react at first. It had been a long time since she last kissed him, he’s not sure if he’s imagining things or if

pried his mouth open with her tongue. When their tongues met, Justin recovered from his shock and met her tongue with his. His hands wrapped around her waist to pull

in a long time, she felt alive. She worried about his safety

were breathless when they separated. Justin held her closer to him, kissing her hair and

as he planted a kiss on

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