Leap OF Fate

Chapter 97

Serene stood in front of a closed door, holding onto her father’s arm. She felt weak on her knees and him lending his strength is all that she needed. Her heart is in her throat and her hand tightened around the bouquet she held.

“Ready, love?” Conrad asked his daughter. His loving eyes looked at her. She was just a tiny baby he held before and now he’s walking her down the aisle. Recalling everything she has gone through; he felt a sense of pride rush through him. She’d grown to a strong independent woman, the best mother to the twins. He could not be prouder.

They signaled for the door to be opened. Father and daughter walked down the aisle. All eyes are on them. Serene insisted on having an intimate wedding. She wanted their intimate moment shared only with people who mattered to them. Every single one of those in attendance were people they loved. Each has seen their love bloom.

She surveyed each loving eye in the audience. Her gaze stopped at Mary, her matron of honor whose dress could not hide her bulging stomach. She then looked at the twins and Kenny. They did their best to stay behaved and not run around the church. The boys looked adorable in their tuxedos. While Felicity bloomed like a flower in the dress Mary made for her.

Everyone from the audience had tears in their eyes as they watched Serene walk down the aisle. They have seen what this woman had been through. Seeing her walk down the aisle towards the man she loved was what every one of them prayed for.

Serene’s eyes locked on the man who waited for her. He wore a black three-piece suit that clung to his body like second skin. His smile reached his eyes, the entire universe reflected in them. They spoke of promise and of hope, of excitement and of eagerness. He’s the perfect groom.

All six feet two inches of him stood at the end of the aisle, waiting. He could not help but swallow at the sight of her. She never failed to take his breath away. Every step she took made him happy, nervous, anxious and giddy all at the same time. Tears formed at the corner of his eyes as he watched the space between them close.

held onto Conrad’s arm as she glided through the aisle. Her eyes trained on the man waiting for her. Everything felt surreal.

and smiled from beneath the thin veil that covered her face. He smiled back

him say this to her many times before,

she whispered

clammy ones throughout the ceremony. He needed to make sure that she would not run away from him. His fragile heart could not bear

but wander. Who would have thought that her heartbreak would lead her to the man she’d want to spend

that it’s all a facade. He’s a loving person who values his family above all. He’s hardly perfect and so is

finger he said, “Serene Ellis, I want nothing in life but to spend it with you. You’re the best gift I have received. One I know I hardly deserve, and I am going to work hard, every day until my dying breath to be deserving of you. I love you, and I

eyes welled, listening to every word he said. He spoke little, but

would not change a day of it because every

Rain, I now pronounce you,

her parted mouth. Their kiss was brief, but it’s the most significant. From this

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