Let Me Go Mr Hill

Let Me Go Mr Hill

Authors:Shallow South
Num Chapters:2957
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Chapter 2957 - End

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Information of Let Me Go, Mr Hill novel:

CP: Catherine Jones and  Shaun Hill

Let Me Go, Mr Hill novel tells the love story of Catherine Jones - a girl with a desire to take revenge on those who cornered her and Shaun Hill - a handsome and rich man who is said to be her boyfriend's uncle. Catherine's old. What if she becomes that bastard's aunt? What aspiration! So she tried to target the man and got the answer “yes”! Things are supposed to get better when she can get her revenge. However, this marriage is completely at fault at first, as she realizes that her husband isn't even her ex's uncle! What kind of annoying twist is that…? She decided to divorce but her husband was speechless. Divorce? What an irresponsible woman she is!

It sounds like Let Me Go, Mr Hill would be an interesting novel with a noisy but lovable couple, however, there was some bitterness that happened to our main characters, thanks to which they both matured and update his abilities and finally come to a happy ending. And there is a streamlined model of “falling in love after marriage” if you will.

Readers Ratings of Let Me Go, Mr Hill novels:

I truly loved the beginning. coz yeap am into bad boys with extra charisma. however after i finished the latest chapter i can't tell why the lights are being focused on the other characters ... yes i like to know ofc but i am more into the main characters... however am still in love with it.


I truly, honestly, completely wish I could give this book more than 5 stars!!! I absolutely, I mean ABSOLUTELY, loved it!!! 


Story is too long snd draggy. After reading 1000+ chapters… i lost interest



I’m reading it now! I’m on chapter 1909 personally I love the plot and plot twists but the characters seem to be adults with the mindsets of children!! They act like they don’t care about money but at the same time to show love they have to spend millions of dollars?


I'm at Chapter 1070, but I am really anxious to know if the true face of Wesley is released. With every passing chapter I'm afraid Cathy will become intimate with him


A special and wonderful aspect in Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! as the lead couple, Catherine Jones and Shaun Hill. At first, it was Catherine who was the one on purpose, as she needed someone with power behind to stir up her enemies. Shaun Hill was the man she expected even though she didn't even know him. Never mind, her marriage can be a form of exchange as long as her husband's rights will protect her and threaten her enemies. As for the big fish, Shaun Hill, he'd never known Catherine before but actually said "yes" when she approached and made up his mind. A normal adult would be confused and would rather find out what happened than accept it at the moment, even thinking that there was a beautiful person standing in front of him. Without a doubt, Shaun did as soon as Catherine asked. How strange is this couple!

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Let Me Go Mr Hill

Let Me Go Mr Hill

2957 Chapters
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Catherine Jones and Shaun Hill

2957 Chapters

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