Let Me Go Mr Hill

Chapter 2706

Chapter 2706

“Then I’ll accompany you. A lawyer needs to be present for any company transfer.” Uncomfortably, Shaun followed Catherine.

Although Shaun’s wife is very intelligent but there are too many loopholes in the law, and he is concerned that Catherine will suffer as a result.

“Mr. Hill, I don’t need you to follow me. I’ll pass it on to a friend.” Catherine said.

“It’s easier for a friend to cheat.” Shaun persisted.

“Mr. Hill, Please go and do your own thing.” Catherine said as she turned her head.

“Wife, you appear to be… quite mysterious.” Shaun sensed something was wrong and abruptly complained, “No way. Allow me to forward it to a trustable people.”

“You’re all boring.” Catherine said, her face flushed.

“I heard that you played with a group of people at the clubhouse last night.” Shaun’s eyes were full of sour taste, “Wife, had a great time playing, but you never thought about how lonely I was at home.”

I wasn’t very good at turning them down. Mr. Hill, Don’t be jealous, get out

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Jewell Corporation.

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local hospitals to assess the situation.”

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came over from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and met Catherine and Eliza.” Lawyer Long

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